Home Entertainment Was Luis Miguel on the verge of losing an arm?

Was Luis Miguel on the verge of losing an arm?

Was Luis Miguel on the verge of losing an arm?

Luis Miguel is usually the meat of rumors and never confirmed versions. Now, a Mexican magazine assures that last year the singer was about to lose an arm, a transcended without much sustenance but that ran like wildfire through social networks.

On Sunday, July 4 of last year, it became known that Luis Miguel had to be urgently admitted to Santa Monica Hospital, in Los Angeles, where he immediately underwent shoulder surgery, after a shocking fall on that part of the body.

It is known how jealous the Sun of Mexico is with the details of his private life. So much so that when he learned that his hospital admission had been disclosed to the press, requested voluntary discharge to return to the hotel where he was staying and finish recovering in privacy with his closest circle.

Luis Miguel Has An Enigmatic Life.

Luis Miguel has an enigmatic life.

Gangrene and new operation

Now the Mexican magazine TV Notes publishes an interview signed by Carlos Alfredo Monjaraz to a supposed friend of the Sun King, whose name is not given. There, this relative assures that the singer did not take care of himself in recovery and suffered severe complications after the operation.

Always according to the story of this anonymous source, after that domestic accident the doctors would have asked Luis Miguel to do rehabilitation sessions.

That would have been the problem: Luis Miguel would not have complied with that medical orderAnd then his situation got complicated. In early December, gangrene would have appeared on his arm, but another operation would have saved it. After that, having already learned the lesson, the 51-year-old singer would have done the corresponding rehabilitation.

Luis Miguel.  The Versions Say That Gangrene Would Have Appeared On One Of His Arms.

Luis Miguel. The versions say that gangrene would have appeared on one of his arms.

the end of the series

The last thing that was known about Luis Miguel revolved around the third season of his biographical series, which was seen at the end of last year on Netflix. had generated controversy about the veracity or not of the script. For this reason, the singer himself had abandoned his usual silence and made a post about it on his social networks.

The third season again took place in two time lines, one in the late ’90s, where the star was seen wanting to conquer the Anglo-Saxon market and meeting Mariah Carey, with whom he had a three-year romance. And the other closer to this present.

In summary: as seen in the series, in the 2000s, Luismi explored new facets and markets for his career. While years later, meanwhile, faced the risk of losing what he has built for more than 40 years, an economic conflict that includes his former representative.

The word of Luis Miguel

Diego Boneta As Luis Miguel, In The Netflix Series.

Diego Boneta as Luis Miguel, in the Netflix series.

Faced with the repercussions that the last six chapters of the third season had, Luismi wrote a clarification on his Twitter account. “The Netflix series is fiction. It is not 100% true. Based on real events,” wrote the interpreter of Until you forget me, to the surprise of his fans.

Before the premiere, Diego Boneta, who plays the singer, had given his opinion in dialogue with Clarín: “I could say that it is the most daring, riskiest season. a Luis Miguel at his best and also at his lowest, which makes for a very interesting contrast, which creates a very strong narrative conflict as well.”


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