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Was he recording everything? They assure that Meghan Markle wore a microphone to record what happened at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (PHOTOS)

  • Meghan Markle is involved in a new controversy
  • In addition to pointing out that he broke royal protocol, he is now accused of something worse
  • Was he recording the impressions with a microphone during the memorial of Queen Elizabeth II?

The memorial and funeral of Queen Elizabeth II has been a historic event for the whole world, leaving different moments of royalty framed, such as the reunion between Princes William and Harry after rumors of quarrels and separation because the youngest of Lady Di’s children decided resign from the royal family to have his life apart with his wife Meghan Markle.

As a result of this situation, the popularity and accusations against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been low and now with the reunion of the brothers and their wives outside Windsor Castle, another event occurred that brought many negative comments to the former actress and now partner of the youngest son of Princess Diana.

Was Meghan Markle recording with a microphone?

Meghan Markle singled out

People have not stopped paying their respects to Queen Elizabeth II with flowers and various objects as gifts to the memory of the monarch and the day that Princes William and Harry, as well as Princess Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle came out to see them, People not only swore at the former actress, but also pointed to something on her dress.

And it is that for the misfortune of Meghan Markle, who already has a very damaged image in England, the fact that she skipped the royal protocol first, attending the funerals and memorials to Queen Elizabeth II when King Charles III had asked him not to do so, he also shook hands with the people who approached, where he received several signs of rejection from those who did not greet him, but the last thing was that he apparently was carrying a microphone.

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