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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Was he about to die? Jenni Rivera’s mother reveals what saved her life

Mrs. Rosa applies the saying ‘better safe than sorry’

Mrs. Rosa applies the saying 'better safe than sorry'

When no one expected it, Mrs. Rosa said that just a few days ago the doctor traveled to her house to inject her for her immune system, as they seek to prevent her from catching the coronavirus again or from ‘catching’ some other disease. Don Pedro Rivera confessed that lately he has not been feeling very well, so he did not hesitate to recommend ‘a few stem cells’.

“Maybe the doctor will give you shark stem cells. When I was going to Mexicali, it turned out that the discs (of the spinal column) were moved, and then they took the stem cells from my spine and then they worked on them and re-injected them, “revealed Jenni Rivera’s mother .

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