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Was he about to die? Jenni Rivera’s mother reveals what saved her life

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  • Nobody would have imagined it!
  • Mrs. Rosa, was she about to die?
  • Jenni Rivera’s mother reveals what saved her life

Was anyone aware of this? In one of the most recent videos of him posted on his social networksJenni Rivera’s mother, known to many as Mrs. Rosa or The Great Lady, reveals that it was what saved her life, so many wonder if her life was recently at risk.

Accompanied by her ex-husband and father of her six children, Don Pedro Rivera, “la doña” first greeted her followers with the good humor that characterizes her, in addition to accepting that on this occasion they were enjoying a tuna that her daughter-in-law had prepared Brenda and that she didn’t cook.

What happened to Jenni Rivera’s mom?

What happened to Jenni Rivera's mom?

At that moment, Jenni Rivera’s mother took the opportunity to greet her family doctor, Silvia Mayorquín, who sent her tuna, shrimp, salmon and beef tail, for which she prepared a delicious dish. The ‘good guy’, most of the time, is don Pedro Rivera, who seemed to not love what he was eating now.

“God continue to bless you, greatly. Thank you, doctor, for taking care of me all the time and for all the time keeping an eye on me,” said Mrs. Rosa, who did not hesitate to share the doctor’s phone number for all those who are interested.

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