WandaVision has 23 Emmys nominations

WandaVision It undoubtedly broke many schemes and that was recognized by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, since received 23 Emmys nominations.

This 2021 a new stage of Marvel Studios began with the premiere of two series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU); which have been very well received, to the extent of being considered for prestigious awards.

In addition to the 23 nominations of WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, received five, giving a total of 28 nominations for the house of superheroes.

Notably Elizabeth olsen and Paul Bettany they are being nominated as best actress and actor respectively; being recognized for their work playing Wanda Maxinoff and Vision, the protagonists of the series.

Emmys nominations for WandaVision

Wandavision Has 23 Emmys Nominations - Light Home News
The leads were nominated for best actor and actress.
  • Best Limited Series
  • Elizabeth Olsen for Best Actress
  • Paul Bettany for Best Actor
  • Kathryn Hahn for Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Limited Series Script for Episodes 1, 6, and 8.
  • Matt Shakman for Best Director
  • Production design for a half-hour narrative program
  • Distribution
  • Fantasy and science fiction costumes
  • Direction
  • Montage of two images from a camera
  • Vintage and character hair salon
  • Main title layout
  • Non-prosthetic period and character makeup
  • Original dramatic score
  • Music and lyrics
  • Main title topic
  • Musical supervision
  • Editing and mixing of sound in a limited series and special effects.

Nominations for Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Wandavision Has 23 Emmys Nominations - Light Home News

For its part, although less, there are also nominations for the second Marvel series, who will compete in the following categories:

  • Don Cheadle for Best Guest Artist
  • Special effects
  • Sound editing
  • Stunts and stunts

Wandavision Has 23 Emmys Nominations - Light Home News

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