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VLA drivers would earn more than ‘Hoy’ drivers; Ricardo Salinas Pliego would request review: Michelle Rubalcava

Undoubtedly the drivers come the joy They are one of the most beloved and popular on Mexican television, and there is also much talk about whether they have a good relationship or even the salaries they have and recently the journalist Michelle Rubalcava said that Ricardo Salinas Pliego I would do a review of how much celebrities earn.

According to the journalist, Ricardo Salinas Pliego would have noticed the high salaries received by the drivers of Joy come, which were granted to them when Sandra Smester was in charge as content director of the television station.

For now, Sandra Smester is gone from TV Azteca to work at Telemundo, but it was thanks to her that various personalities they came to the television station of Ajusco as Laura G or William Valdes. And Michelle Rubalcava said that apparently Ricardo Salinas Pliego would review the salaries of the drivers of the morning.

“He arrived, he began to see numbers and how much Sandra Smester paid each of these drivers. When she saw how much Laura G was paid weekly, William Valdés that William was not even on the payroll, he was on another (…), a few salaries ”.

Michelle Rubalcava said that Sandra Smester apparently gave celebrities a high salary and that they should give him a part of the money they received.

“I am finding out, it is presumed that if Sandra Smester told you I will pay you 500 pesos, just so as not to handle figures, of which you give me 200 and you keep 300. It is said that it gives you a great salary, but when you collect You have to give her a large part of that money and if they don’t they’ll fire you”.

The journalist, who has had a bad relationship with Gustavo Adolfo Infante for a long time, pointed out that Ricardo Salinas Pliego would request an audit against Sandra Smester to clarify what happened to the money he spent while working at TV Azteca.

“Now that Mr. Ricardo Salinas saw the salary that was paid for something that did not generate, that did not grow in sales, sponsors, it is a loss for him as a businessman and that he said: ‘They bring it to me from the United States to make accounts’ . They say that Sandra has to return to TV Azteca to give an audit and check what happened to her with each peso because it is a lot of money that she spent ”.


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