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Vivica A. Fox Reveals The One Role She Regrets Losing — And Who Was Cast Instead (Exclusive)

Vivica A. Fox is holding firmly to her crown as the Queen of Lifetime Movie Network! ET’s Nischelle Turner caught up with keeping up with the Joneses The star on the sets of Season 2 of the hit movie series Event. Fox both starred in and produced LMN’s prolific films Wrong The franchise, which debuted last year with a hit three-part Lifetime limited series.

The franchise follows Robin of Fox, the head of a wealthy family who, along with his four stepdaughters, will stop at nothing to protect their business and family when they are threatened.

Following the death of her second husband, Webb (Ted McGinley), Robin stands to inherit a fortune with the help of a legal wrangling from family lawyer Sheldon (Michael Pare). Carrie’s (Ciara Carter) philanthropic efforts have always outlived the family business, but now, along with Lance (Adonis Williams), she plans to expand her role by creating the Crystal Water Fund. Meanwhile, Kayla (Shelley Sterling) is enjoying the single life until she meets Carter (Sam Schweickert), for whom she quickly falls. Tara (Jasmine Avliotis) begins an affair with her college professor, while Pam (Arie Thompson) befriends Stephen Napoli (Chris Cleveland) — the CEO of the construction company that built the family’s new water feature. With whom she grows up after someone ransacked the building. But Pam gets an even bigger blow when the baby she left for adoption years ago suddenly returns!

“main goal keeping up with the Joneses to bring back the days of dynasty With a little cat fight, great costumes, great fashion,” Fox shared. “I enjoy it to be honest with you, because I know right now, with reality TV catfight type things are all the rage. It doesn’t work for me, but if you want me to act with the claws coming out, it’s on.”

real housewives of atlanta Star Kandi Burruss serves as the narrator of the film series.

Fox is grateful to have a home on the film network, noting that she “loves” Lifetime because they “know their audience.”

“The sisters [always] supported me. They’ll sit around and get their hummus and hot chocolate and watch Vivica Fox all weekend.” So, it literally turns into a gift that keeps on giving. Lifetime was the first network to give me their series back in the day. And, my relationship with him is really… he’s turned me into a filmmaker, and I’m very grateful.”

With such an illustrious career, Fox hasn’t done much in its decades of acting, producing, and hosting. “I am very honest with my agents and my management team about the roles I don’t want to do, so they don’t even approach me,” she told ET.

But there is one role that Fox remembers slipping through her fingers—though she admittedly appreciated the final choice with the directors.

“The only role I really wanted was to come close to Storm, but he cast Halle Berry, which he did an amazing job,” she recalled. “So, I could say there was only one, yes.”

Figuring out what she does and doesn’t want to do in her career is a gift with which Fox tries her best to impress the young actors she works with. She added, “I believe it’s all about choices so if you know a role isn’t for you, I give that advice to young actresses. Do what feels right to you.” “There’s no problem with being a triple threat. Be able to sing, dance and act. But, you can get the feeling when an actor isn’t really up for the role. For me, just the camera reads it.”

This is another reason why Vivika appreciates her relationship with Lifetime and the franchise she has built. ,keeping up with the Joneses All about girl power, where the executive producer, I, is the one [woman],” she said. “You have five wonderful starring women. The narrator is a woman. So, we have girl power going on here.”

keeping up with the Joneses Lifetime returns to the Movie Network with four new two-hour movies starting July 8.

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