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Virgin, please! This is how Amparo Serrano created her brand ‘Distroller’

This Friday, August 12, the death of Amparo Serrano was confirmed, founder of the brand distributor and former member of the group Flans, at 56 years old.

Amparo stood out for being an entrepreneur and a pioneer of imagination which led her to build her own brand and interpretation to the Guadalupe’s Virgin, giving it a creative and colorful design that quickly stood out among the population.

Amparo ‘Amparín’ Serrano, creator of ‘Distroller’, died at the age of 56

Distroller and his interpretation of the Virgin of Guadalupe

With more than 15 years of history, Distroller started thanks to a board game called The Weevilwhere the purpose was to discover who was the most mamilla.

Soon, Amparín created the character of Dr. Chui, who alleviates all kinds of ills of the soul with “medicinal” chamoys. These products were so acidic that they “destroyed” the intestinal flora, so they never went on sale, but served to institute the name of the brand: Distroller.

Amparo began to paint handmade gifts for her closest relatives and friends, causing her talent and the demand for this “hobby” to result in the formal birth of Distroller.

Distroller uses folklore, culture, the funny and the sad of life to create designs full of color, and even good humor.

The caricatured image of the Virgin of Guadalupe He made the brand known in its beginnings and it would become its most valued product.

The graphic representation of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a favorite religious icon of Mexicans It was full of color, textures and a friendly face. The Virgencita is the most representative image of Distroller and she is always accompanied by phrases of thanks or prayer.

Among its products are bracelets, stuffed animals, dolls, sweets and school supplies. Currently, Distroller has stores nationwide and today its success has also reached Latin America, the United States and Spain.

In 2014, a alliance with Cartoon Network to broadcast shorts in which the main actors are the Distroller characters.


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