Home Entertainment Violinist Ara Malikian condemns discrimination against Latin grammar

Violinist Ara Malikian condemns discrimination against Latin grammar

Violinist Ara Malikian condemns discrimination against Latin grammar

charismatic Lebanese violinist of Armenian origin, Ara Malikian, believed to have disqualified him from the selection of albums that wish to Latin Grammy Awards where he was not nominated for the album fifteen – with whom he celebrated a decade and a half of career- for “not enough latin“.

“In Lebanon they didn’t consider me as Lebanese enough because I was of Armenian descent, Armenians didn’t consider me Armenian enough because I was born in Lebanon. When I settled in Europe, they didn’t consider me European because I was born Europe was not. It took me years to be at peace with myself for who I am And accept being the eternal alien,” the musician wrote on his Twitter account.

In his social media publication, the artist, who performed three times on the Argentine stages, added in his discharge: “I have been living in Spain for 20 years and i have spanish nationality And I got disqualified from the Latin Grammys for not being Latin enough. I had already been nominated for one of these Grammys four years ago and played the opening ceremony three years ago. Anyone got something…?

Malikian, Once He Came To Argentina To Play.  I'Ll Be Going Back To Luna Park In November.  Photo Clarin Archive

Malikian, once he came to Argentina to play. I’ll be going back to Luna Park in November. photo clarin archive

Malikian fled Beirut at the age of 14 Having survived the civil war, and has since lived in various countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom, is currently living and named in Spain. adopted son of the city of Zaragoza, Where is his wife from?

The violinist’s music assumes that diverse palettes are capable of adapting to different times and styles and therefore His repertoire is from Bacchuhandjob Mozart, Vivaldi and Paganiniuk to lead the zeppelin, Metallica and Radiohead pass through Manuel de Falla and Paco de LucĂ­a among others.

The Violinist Performs At Madrid-Barajas Airport To Present His New Album &Quot;Petit Garage&Quot; On January 1, 2021.  Photo Efe

The violinist performs at Madrid-Barajas airport to present his new album “Petit Garage” on January 1, 2021. Photo EFE

A cinematography by Nata Moreno Ara Malikian, Life Between the Ropes This made Goya eligible for Best Documentary in 2020 awarded by the Spanish Film Academy.

The Weekend Case

Last year, the controversial Grammys dropped out of the competition Weekend, despite the fact that his last job, after hours, was considered one of the best albums of the year according to American Music Awards or Billboard Music Awards, among others.

What happened? According to the artist’s testimony, the Grammy jury lacks “transparency”, they said after not receiving no enrollment Despite being one of the favourites.

&Quot;The Grammys Are Not Transparent,&Quot; Alleged Musician The Weeknd.  Ap Photo

“The Grammys are not transparent,” alleged musician The Weeknd. ap photo

“The Grammys Are Still Corrupt”, charged with their network. “They owe transparency to me, my fans and the industry,” he said on Twitter.

This was very striking as the singer was able to keep her songs at the top of the charts, reaching, in some cases, more than that. 300 million views. However, the Grammys didn’t consider it their year. Till date unknown reasons created noise inside the popular music awards ceremony.

“We understand The Weeknd is disappointed not to be nominated. i was also surprised And I can understand what you are feeling. His music this year has been outstanding, and his contribution to the music community and the world in general is worthy of praise,” he even said. Harvey Mason Jr., in front of the Grammys.