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Violeta Isfel is “on the other side” of depression: “I feel safer”

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After having won the reality show The stars dance today and manage to restructure various parts of your life, Isfel Violet confessed to Infobae Mexico who is happy to be able to say that, as regards his depressiontoday is “practically on the other side”.

During the red carpet organized by Telemundo International and the International Academy of Television Arts and SciencesVioleta Isfel spoke with Infobae Mexico about his new projects and how they have allowed him to fight depression. Also, he talked about his hamburger business, Isfel Burgers, and if you plan to reopen it.

Last January Violeta Isfel revealed that she suffers from depressiondisorder that came into his life because he had to to close Isfel Burgers and had undergone a hormone treatment in order to conceive a second son.

Photo: Karla Tapia/Infobae Mexico

This caused him new complications, because for several months he felt confusedwith fatigue and constantly want to cry. However, he currently thinks that part of his symptoms have been left aside thanks to the new projects that have arrived, such as The stars dance todayreality show that he won with Luis Fernando Penaand the staging Lagunilla, my neighborhood.

“Thanks to all this that is happening, now, I can say that I’m practically on the other side. I got my complexion back too, I feel safer with myself and I found in the dance the encouragement my heart needed

“So, despite no longer being in The stars dance today For now, I continue practicing with my teacher Memo Téllez. I can already tell that I’m practically on the other side and very grateful to the public for their support because it was a fundamental part of winning that championship”, the actress from Dare to dream.

Violeta Isfel and Luis Fernando Peña won the third season of
Violeta Isfel and Luis Fernando Peña won the third season of “Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy” Photo: Hoy Program

And it is that, according to his words, it was thanks to the fact that he won the third season of The stars dance today who, by auditioning, managed to get a role in Alejandro Gou’s musical, Lagunilla, my neighborhood.

Thanks to this is that he searched for the dance became a constant not only to keep moving, but to lessen the symptoms of depression.

On the other hand, about your fast food business, Isfel BurgersVioleta commented that she does think about making a reopening; however, for now does not have set dates to be able to launch their hamburgers again.

And it is that after almost half a year of succeeding with her restaurant, the actress had to close it last January, since the debts they began to surround her because “As a small entrepreneur, I made many mistakes” regarding business finances.

(Photo: Instagram/@isfelburgers.cdmx)
(Photo: Instagram/@isfelburgers.cdmx)

Now, in the midst of a process of learning and restructuring almost everything in Isfel Burgersthe reopening has been proposed as a project in the medium and long term, but it is willing to make it real again.

“As we know, as a small entrepreneur I made many mistakes, among them, that you have to add VAT to the price, I gave invoices and everything, but obviously the accounts did not come out(…) it was also very exponential, we registered the brand and still had to take it to the SAT and all this stuff; everything went backwardsthen, before I went on putting from my bag, before the debts followed, we decided better to close, restructure, rearrange, reorganize and then we can reopen. Perhaps it is a medium-long term project”.

The actress commented that now she will find out if she will open the same branches that she had or new ones, in different parts of the city or in different states, far from the metropolitan area.


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