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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Vince Gilligan Confirms ‘Breaking Bad’ Universe Ends With ‘Better Call Saul’

This Tuesday, August 23, Better Call Saul It will come to an end after 6 seasons that make it one of the best series in the Netflix catalog. The spin-off of breaking bad proved to be within reach of expectations showing a totally unexpected plot.

Despite the great success they have had Breaking Bad, Better Call and the movie The way, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, creators of this universe have decided to announce that there will be no more spin-offs and there are no plans to add another series.

Vince Gilligan is the name that has become popular thanks to these three productions and the way in which he managed to connect them. Recently, during a virtual panel, he announced that it is time to leave this universe behind to start new productions.

“You can’t keep putting all your money into the red 21. I feel like we probably pushed it by doing a spin-off of breakingbad, but couldn’t be happier with the results. then i did The way and I’m very proud of that too. But I think I’m starting to feel like you have to know when to leave the party, you don’t want to be the guy with a lampshade on your head. I don’t have any plans right now to do anything else in this universe. I know I probably gave the same answer at the end of breakingbad, I have to prove to myself that I have something more in me. I’m not a one-trick pony, that’s what I hope,” he said.

Vince Gilligan

This news saddens lovers of the universe of breaking bad due to the great plot it has had Better Call Saul and the recent appearance of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in the series.

Despite the speech given by Vince, it ended with a phrase that opens a small possibility for another project in the future, since it closed with a “never say never”. However, he took advantage of the space to talk about his new projects that will be totally away from breaking badit is a series in the style of The X-Files either The Twilight Zone.


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