Home Entertainment VIDEOS: Vicente Fernández receives food through a probe

VIDEOS: Vicente Fernández receives food through a probe

Vicente Fernández interpreta una canción

Vicente Fernández remains to be hospitalized on the Nation 2000 hospital, in Guadalajara Jalisco, though he’s displaying fixed enchancment, Dr. Arturo Gómez reported this Monday, August 30.

“On Friday night, derived from the aftermath of his illness and the inability to swallow effectively, it was necessary to perform placing a feeding tube special called gastrostomy, “mentioned the singer’s household physician.

Vicente Fernández stays awake

Relating to the neurological situation, the physician reported that “stays awake. Incentives are constantly being given to him, both by the family and by the staff. ”

“His rehab therapy on a scheduled basis, he nods his head, his gaze, and has really shown little progress in swallowing of the disease itself,” he added.

Breathe with out help Vicente Fernández

“He’s really holding spontaneous breathing a little longer, he keeps a constant breath by himself, that’s very good. We hope to progress it shortly and place oxygen through the tracheostomy, “he mentioned.

Relating to cardiovascular points, Dr. Gómez identified that stays “very stable, without eventualities“replied milenio.com.

The rehabilitation of Vicente Fernández

Lastly, the physician mentioned that they proceed working “the rehabilitation part, which is the most fundamental at the moment, which is going to take an indeterminate period of time. ”

“We are not exempt from complications of patients who are kept in intensive care for a long time, but don Vicente Fernández remains very stable“.

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