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VIDEO: The Saint vs. the Demon Gorgon; the exciting promotion of Stranger Things

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The Netflix series Stranger Things presented the first part of its fourth season and to do it in Mexico I used one of the icons of wrestling: El Santo. This might interest you:

Who is the saint? Mexican wrestling legend As part of the presentation campaign, together with the Sabritas company, they presented the unusual fight between the Mexican hero and the monster from the series called Demongorgon with their product Famin’hot.

Simulating a recording from the 1980s, the Son of the Saint played his father, reminiscent of the years-famous fighter films in which athletes faced off against monsters in the style of superheroes. In the video released in the campaign, you can see how the silver was ready for a traditional fight when the Demongorgon makes his appearance. After fighting him and suffering in battle, Santo manages to defeat him and throws him into the hole he came from. he’s chasing him though, so it seems there will be a part two. The first half of the fourth season of Stranger Things premiered on May 27th and has received great critical acclaim from fans.

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