Home Entertainment Video of Yalitza Aparicio as a student influences her fans and critics

Video of Yalitza Aparicio as a student influences her fans and critics

Yalitza Aparicio vídeo viral cómo lucía antes

A video showing what the “Roma” actress looked like before she was successful in the cinema shocked everyone.

MEXICO.— Although Yalitza Aparicio has not returned to the cinema after his debut in the film “Roma” by the Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón, his picture is still valid even three years after the tape was released. The woman from Oaxaca has also played in several campaigns for important brands, which is why her level of awareness continues to grow.

And once again Yalitza has shown that she is capable of this “break” the internet, because recently a Video which shows what it looked like when i was a college girl.

As you can imagine, this is the “leak” from these pictures They caused a stir and even the clip went viral as many were amazed by the before and after ‘Yali’.

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This is what Yalitza Aparicio’s university looked like

In the recording, first published on TikTok, the actress is shown in photos from when I was a student and went to college when she was 27. The images shown in the video have an impact because Yalitza looks more uninhibited She can even be seen in a short, tight-fitting dress while the Oaxacan woman bares her navel in another photo.

After this recording was published, Internet users have confirmed that they are amazed when they see how was Yalitza Aparicio before he achieved fame as it is evident that his grooming is now more sophisticated.

Above all Yalitza graduated the normal school Lázaro Cárdenas de Putla and worked as a teacher give Classes for preschoolers in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca. Let us remember that before the casting of “Roma” Yalitza was unemployed and he made piñatas with his sister.

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