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Video of Luis Miguel imitating José José in full concert causes a stir on TikTok

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throughout his career Jose jose had many successes and it is almost impossible for us not to know at least one song by The Prince of Songthe same happens with Luis Miguel, considered one of the best interpreters of music in Spanish. Unfortunately they were never able to finalize a musical collaboration, which wassurely it would have resulted in an anthem for those who suffer from the lovesickness.

However, there are indications that there was a mutual admiration between the artists. Jose jose went on to state that Sun it was “heir to the musicality of this country”for his part Luis Miguel decided to honor the interpreter of Sparrowhawk or dove in one more way subtle.

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The moment occurred during a concert that Luis Miguel offered several years ago, but recently returned to circulation in TikTok and unleashed the curiosity of users.

And it is that in the video you can see Sun singing You Only You, theme that belongs to his album Amarte es un placer, from 1999. Just at the moment in which he sings the verse “sI kiss you I fly to heaven until I lose myself”Luis Miguel imitates José José’s way of singing.

The Puerto Rican-born even tilts his body slightly backwards, in the same way he did The Prince of Song. The public immediately cheered and applauded the brief tribute.

“The day that LuisMi made a José José”, wrote the user who recovered the viral clip. The reactions were immediate and most Internet users left encouraging comments, emphasizing the immortal talent of José José.

“He did it in memory of The Prince”, “That technique is only acquired after drinking 1000 vats”, “Yes, he imitated José José, he even did his posture lying down behind, that’s why the cry of the people”, “And the people knew how to see it! My Immortal Prince! We love you, José José!”, Were some of the reactions.

What José José said about Luis Miguel

In an interview with Verónica Castro, the person in charge of highlighted the work and talent of Luis Miguel: “But someone came who, as Don Pedro Vargas said: every 20 years the heir to the enormous musicality of this country will be born and he is here, my boy Luis Miguel”.

In addition, the interpreter of El Triste asked for a big applause “for that beautiful talent that God has given him”.


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