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Video leaks where JLo does the unthinkable to Ben Affleck at his wedding

  • JLo does the unexpected at her wedding
  • Ben Affleck enjoyed an exciting moment
  • What did Jennifer Lopez do?

JLo sings wedding. After a week of the second wedding between the actors, Jennifer López (JLo) and Ben Affleck, some moments that were experienced in the long-awaited event have been revealed. It should be remembered that security was so strict that no media could be at the ceremony.

Without a doubt this was the wedding of the year, since many were already looking forward to this day in which JLo was united in marriage again with Ben Affleck. The event took place in a home of the Hollywood actor, located in the state of Georgia.

JLo sings and dances at the wedding

JLo sings and dances at the wedding

However, it has been possible to filter some moments of the wedding of the year, where we can see celebrities enjoying a pleasant moment accompanied by their loved ones. One of the most striking moments was when Selena’s interpreter did the unthinkable in front of her husband.

through the account of Instagram from TMZ a video has been shared where the bride can be seen in her white dress, standing in front of her husband singing and dancing in full celebration. Everything seems to indicate that the groom had good times at his ceremony.

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