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VIDEO: Karol G turned down Anuel AA in full concert

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Karol G definitely had a very busy weekend, first taking a bad fall at a concert in Miami and now it went viral after rejecting his ex-partner Anuel AA in full.

The ‘Tusa’ singer was surprised to see Anuel AA performing at Choliseo in Puerto Rico.

La Bichota thanked the gesture but refused to kiss the singer despite the urging of the people.

What’s more Karol G He indicated that Anuel AA had been unfaithful and therefore turned her down at the concert.

However, they both hugged each other very much and words were dedicated that made it clear that there is still a lot of passion between them.

“I would like to take this opportunity, because we have not spoken in 200 years, to thank you first for being here. I have spoken to Emanuel many times that my dream was to do a choliseo, it was to do it alone and not have guests, so people would say Karol G broke it but broke it alone but the only one The guest I wanted in my Choliseo was Anuel AA, ‘said Karol G.

As she said these words, the singer was nervous about the personality of Karol G.

“He and I went through a lot of things together, we grew up a lot, we lived things… a chimba and no longer for things in life. We weren’t able to speak, but I’ve said it many times in my songs, thanks for all the support, “added Bichota.

“I love you and thank you,” said Karol G. “I love you, my life,” said Anuel AA, although she refused to kiss him in full concert.

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After a long hug, the two began the musical performance, the Colombian took the opportunity to coax another dart from the reggaeton player.

“Sometimes they trade you for something worse and not even something richer,” he said.

Reference from lanoticia

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