VIDEO: John Legend gives commencement speech at Duke University

In mid-April we told you that John Legend would be giving the Duke University commencement speech and the day finally arrived, at Wallace Wade Stadium.

During his Generation 2021 speech, Legend even sang a little to Duke University at the beginning and end of his speech.

The 42-year-old star, originally from Ohio, went on to deliver an empowering message to the graduating generation in North Carolina.

I feel good because it is the first time that I am in front of a live audience, in front of people clapping, since February of last year, 14 months ago.

We have few moments to celebrate our accomplishments with the people we love and today is one of those moments, of course, after a year of not being able to get together, this is special, ”Legend told the students.

Also, the singer of All of Me and Love me Now, recalled that it is not his first time at Duke University, because in 2004 he offered a concert with Kanye West.

In those days I played the piano and hoped people would notice me. Later I released my first album and today I realize that maybe it is thanks to Duke that my career has taken off ”, he emphasized.

John Legend asked the students to continue learning and to use the experience they have and the knowledge of what they learned in favor of democracy and to confront and fight injustices.

Likewise, Legend spoke about the pandemic and what it means for students.

Some lost jobs, some lost friends, and some lost a year in college, seeing their friends.

Of all that they lost, they also gained something, the fact that they are here today, graduating from one of the best universities, knowing that they will come out of here with many competitions.

Prior to his commencement speech, John Legend earned an honorary doctorate from Duke University.

Here we leave you the complete ceremony, where you can find Legend’s speech.

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