Home Entertainment VIDEO: Enjoy the first trailer for “What If …?” by marvel

VIDEO: Enjoy the first trailer for “What If …?” by marvel

 VIDEO: Enjoy the first trailer for

One question can change everything “what if …?” under this premise it will be released What If …? from Marvel, exploring different stories that for a small situation would have changed everything we know.

The first trailer was released and in it you can see countless moments, such as some characters who never knew each other sharing a moment, or some situations that happened in different ways.

As a sample of what this series will be, you can see in the foreground at Erik Killmonger saving Tony Stark of the first attack he suffered on the tape of Hombre de Hierro.

In addition to seeing T’Challa as Star Lord, Peggy Carter receiving the super soldier serum and many other things, including the «Marvel zombies«.

What if…? will arrive on August 11 to Disney Plus and will consist of 10 chapters; Although at the moment no more than one season has been announced, it could be lengthened.

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