VIDEO: Dwayne Johnson sends a tender message to a hospitalized girl

Whether you know Dwayne Johnson for his “tough” characters, the actor is very kind and he showed it during a video in which he sent a tender message to a girl who is hospitalized.

This message is dedicated to a very strong and very special girl, her name is Indy Llew.

A friend just sent me this video, where you are singing How Far I’ll Go, from the movie Moana, “said the actor.

The Rock took advantage of the fact that he gave his voice to Maui to sing a little to the little called Indy Llew.

I know you have no idea who I am, but I was in Moana, I am Maui, I know, where is my hair? But I want you to listen to this, “he said before singing to him.

Likewise, Dwayne Johnson asked Indy to stay strong and keep singing.

In the video we can see the girl enjoying Moana’s song, while playing with her necklace, but it can also be seen that the little girl is in a hospital.

Here we leave you the video shared by the actor and businessman.

Indy’s family, the hospitalized girl who received a message from Dwayne Johnson has an Instagram page, where they share their adventures as a family, as well as their day to day with Indy.

Sharing our journey through infertility, Down syndrome, cancer and miracles, ”says the family’s biography on Instagram.

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