VIDEO: Bárbara de Regil hits her mother with a head butt and is tuned into networks

Although for her it was a joke, for Internet users it was not and it is that in social networks they have overwhelmed Bárbara de Regil, after the actress released a video in which she hits her mother with a head butt.

In the video, Barbara gains momentum as they pose together.

In the face of the mother’s reaction, who can be seen to have been hurt, Barbara justifies herself by saying “you gave me first.”

After the criticisms began, Bárbara de Regil uploaded several stories to social networks, in one of them showing a first video where her mother gave her a head butt, although not with the same intensity.

And, after opening questions to her followers, the Rosario Tijeras actress was asked whether she beats her mother, to which she answered that it was false.

If I do something with my mother, it is to pamper her, I take her everywhere. In the quarantine she was in my house for 80 days, I really take care of her a lot.

Of course, we get very heavy. She throws eggs at my head, then flour, but that’s been for years, ”said the 33-year-old actress.

In a video, where they rescued the moment when Bárbara de Regil gave her mother a head butt, Internet users expressed that for them it was a lack of respect and criticized the actress.

No wonder, you see a person who urgently needs help “,” Lack of respect. Nothing more to say “,” Wow, she says they get along like this, but instead of my mother I give her a punch “,” God what a tremendous blow. You can see that it hurt Ms. God said, respect and honor your parents, “were some of the comments.

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