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VIDEO: Alfredo Adame falls again in a fight while trying to unleash a kick rune

The controversy reached again Alfred AdameTo whom the argument with Carlos Trejo doesn’t seem to let him goto the extent that he fell again during a fight.

A few months ago, Adame was caught struggling with a couple on the street for something as yet undetermined, but between the bumps and bumps, the famous driver ended up on the ground.

  • VIDEO: They catch Alfredo Adame fighting with a partner in the street

Now, Alfredo was at a press conference when the ghost hunter’s lawyer appeared, who accused him of not sticking to the show for the fight they had agreed upon.

Adam didn’t hold back and believing to meet him on two occasions, but on the second he went to punches, However, he fell twice and tripped over the chairs at the spot while trying to hit the man.

The video posted by formula group has gone viral and is almost reaching 500,000 views.

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Alfredo Adame vs Carlo Trejo

This personal rivalry has lasted for several years Adame was a driver in the Hoy program and Carlos Trejo went to promote his book “Cañitas”, where Alfredo assured that he became famous for it.

Then I posted a section on ghosts on another show Adame began to insult and criticize him.

Though it seemed like the legal battle was over, years later Susan Quintana, Adame’s ex-girlfriend, poked fun at a member of her partner. Something Trejo made fun of, assuring that he has a gay son that he discriminates against.

Things escalated and they challenged to a fightwhich was agreed but never carried out and to this day the hatred between the two is still valid.

Reference from lanoticia

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