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Vicki Gunvalson Reveals Dorinda Medley Text Exchange Amid ‘RHUGT’ Controversy (Exclusive)

Rule No. 1 real housewives: Always be prepared to provide receipts!

Vicki Gunvalson did exactly that when ET sat down with the OG and her Real Housewives of Orange County bff, Tamra JudgeTo discuss The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: X-Wives ClubThe franchise-mixing mash-up duo filmed last winter real housewives of new york city‘s Dorinda MedleyMassachusetts Estate, Blue Stone Manor. Vicki and Dorinda went on the wrong foot during filming, and they’ve been out of step since — their bubbling tussle in recent weeks as the press pushed for the series’ return to “Peacock.” In an Instagram Live interview for Bravo, Vicki commented about being in Dorinda’s mansion “in the middle of nowhere” and “out of date”, declaring that she would be “pathetic” if she lived there. This prompted Dorinda to fire back on her radio Andy show, where she told her listeners, “You don’t like my life, but I also don’t date people who pretend to be cancer,” Vicki A direct knock on a controversial relationship with Kay Brooks Ayers, a man she eventually said cheated on her.

“I also don’t date men who leave you for women who are half their age,” said Dorinda, taking a second shot — this time. Vicki’s Most Recent Romance With Steve Lodgewho broke off their engagement before filming wiki rugty and has since remarried. “You wanna be mean? I’ll be mean.”

Dorinda reiterated her stance towards Vicki in her own ET interview last week, sharing that she had received “thousands of texts” filled with “not good” messages from her. rugty co-star. “Thousands?!” Vicky replied in reply. “I have text messages — maybe, like, four. Four to six. … The one thing I don’t like is lies!”

Then, after a little prodding from Tamra, Vicki pulls out her phone so that messages can be shared properly, and hands over her device to Tamra to read the exchanges aloud.

“She said ‘stop it,’ but she also sent a screenshot of what Dorinda was saying,” Tamra explains. “Dorinda Medley is accusing Vicki Gunvalson of dating people who pretend to be cancer and she slogs real housewives ultimate girls tripThe co-stars lack manners and say they have no taste.’ So, Vicki says, ‘You have no idea how much pain and money I went through with Brooks. You should be ashamed. But she did not stop here. ‘Get me out of your bull**t press, you have zero knowledge of who I am. I have four houses, have my own business for 32 years and no one has gifted me anything. go! go!’ And she didn’t stop there – maybe not thousands, but we’re still going.”

“‘You made everyone in your house miserable,'” Tamra continues. “Also, you might want to listen to my interview again. I never said anything bad about your house or you. I said, that’s all that matters if you’re happy. I said too, this old And nowhere in the middle. And won’t work for me. Whether it’s historical or not, it’s still out of date!'”

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Dorinda Medley Stars in the X-Wives Club
Jack Dijon / Peacock

“He hasn’t,” Tamra says. “‘Take control of your anger,’ says Vicki. ‘You’re a mean person and you didn’t make it good – for many of us!’ He said. ‘Yes, I was presented with a beautiful manor. I am lucky.’ She was Dorinda. ‘You know what you said and people responded…’ And, I mean, it continues…”

“No, that’s two more text messages and that’s it,” Vicki clarified as she took back her phone. “She says, ‘I’m on my daughter’s graduation, we’re celebrating her, leaving…’ Whatever, whatever. So, she diverted. I never said it was bad. I never said it was distasteful.”

Dorinda makes it known that she sees her home as “historic” and worries extra with Vicki’s insistence that the house was gifted to her when her husband, Richard Medley, died.

Dorinda told ET, “To me the text is saying it was gifted to you or whatever? I find the sentiment towards it very negative.” “It was clearly not gifted to me. My husband died and we owned the house together, so I don’t know where else he would have gone unless he had some sort of mistress to whom I didn’t know. You know what I mean?”

The wiki explains that the “genius” comment was made in private, and Dorinda made it public. She also suggests that she took it out of context, as Vicki says she never explicitly stated that the house was gifted to Dorinda. Instead, he himself remarked about not being gifted anything. When Tamra tries to show Vicki how she still reads poorly, Vicky shuts her down.

“Don’t defend him!” She tells Tamra. “She was mean. She’s mean. You know, it’s a controversial issue. Someone asked me in an interview, ‘What do you think of Dorinda’s house?'” As long as it works for him, as long as he’s happy with it, then I just said, ‘This is old and nowhere,’ and it Is old. And this Is in the middle of nowhere. How is this a lie?!”

“Why even fight about it?” she asks. “If I lived in an old house in the middle of nowhere and someone said I would be like, ‘Yeah, I do! I live in an old house in the middle of nowhere!’ Why is that a problem?!”

The Women of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Get the X-Wives Club Manicure
Jack Dijon / Peacock

Vicki and Tamra spent almost a week living with Dorinda in Berkshire real housewives alumni Phaedra Park And Eva Marseille ,real housewives of atlanta, brandy glanville And taylor armstrong ,The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) And Jill Zareen ,real housewives of new york city,

“Basically, I wasn’t asked to be on the show,” Tamra revealed. “I was asked at the last minute and I still don’t know why.”

“Because I got covid!” interrupted Vicky. “They thought they would not be able to use me.”

“Oh, maybe. I mean, I don’t blame them,” Tamra continued her thought. “So, [Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen] Called me, and he said, ‘How would you like to be? ultimate girls trip, And I knew Vicki was going on it and there were rumors of a cast and at the time I thought, ‘Thank god they didn’t ask me because Brandi Glanville is on it, and I don’t want to film with her.. “Because she scares the bejesus of me.”

Tamra and Brandi have a long history of online feuds, at least in 2015 when Tamra called her “bulls**t” while claiming to have dropped Brandi. rage His choice was (in an ET interview no less). They have parted ways with each other over the years via the comments section but never sat down and kept things face to face. This finally happened during filming rugty,

As for the rest of the cast, Vicki and Tamra say they were excited to spend time with women, many of whom they knew. of But didn’t know – and Vicki even says she Even then She still doesn’t know who Eva is after spending weeks together (although she likes him). At least for Vicki, the only disappointment in the bunch was Dorinda.

“I thought she would be more kind by being in her house, and you agreed,” Vicki rattles, turning to Tamra for backup—but Tamra doesn’t bite.

Tamra Judge and Dorinda Medley Star on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip
Jack Dijon / Peacock

“Don’t throw me under the bus!” She tells Vicki. “listen, [Dorinda] It was a tough job. He had to distance himself from being in his surroundings. We are definitely in her house, but she is shooting a show just like us, so she has to accommodate everyone. This was difficult. It would have been a tough job.”

Vicki repeatedly calls Dorinda “mean” and suggests that she is only “busy with Ozzy” and is off the show to get attention before the show. rugtypremiere of.

“That’s no good,” she repeats. “He created [Tamra] Cry, he made me– he made everyone cry! … He made everyone cry, but I think Eva. Phaedra cried. I mean, everyone cried. it was a nightmare.”

Vicki says she has no plans to return to Berkshire after her experience at Dorinda’s house, but claims she will be cordial if they ever meet each other – which will likely happen on Tuesday night. . rugty Premiere Party in New York City.

“That type of people don’t enter the door of my life because I don’t trust them anymore,” she shares. “I think he’s being mean. We shot with him for a week, and it was terrible.”

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: X-Wives Club Streaming starts from 23rd June Peacock,

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