Home Entertainment Vicente Fox from Sarmiento for his use of the word ‘autistic’

Vicente Fox from Sarmiento for his use of the word ‘autistic’

Vicente Fox from Sarmiento for his use of the word 'autistic'

Mexico City.- Raphael Sarmiento placeholder image didn’t mind crossing it “p3ndejo“For the former President of Mexico” Vicente Fox, after using The Word “Autistic” as an Insult To refer to the functions of the present administration under the chairmanship of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

via twitter, Vicente Fox calls the government “autistic” Because according to him, the present government has not taken any action against the third rally of Kovid-19.

“Even at this point the autistic government still takes no action,” reads the tweet that was still available on Twitter.

Vicente Fox From Sarmiento For His Use Of The Word 'Autistic' - Light Home News
One of Vicente Fox’s tweets in which he evidenced the use of the word as an insult

Vicente Fox’s “Trick” to Use “Autistic” as an Insult

Sarmiento is considered very sympathetic, clumsy and uninformed the fact that Vicente Fox used this disorder that affects nervous system of people, and asked at least Fox sorry, okay This is not the first time this is happening.

The message, which has received many supportive comments, was accompanied by a picture of her son.

“this is inakio mr @vicentefoxq and this is a wonderful boy within the autism spectrum. His words were taken out of context and used The term ‘autism’ as an insult They are simply clumsy, uninformed, and unattainable for who you are. His ignorance is his stature. At least have the decency to apologize and correct as there are already many “.

Although Sarmiento was clearly angry and on the verge of spirits, in response to the former president’s tweet, he had no problem insulting the politician.

later, the husband of Jimena “La Choco” Perez He apologized to his followers about his reaction, which he deemed risky, but again received messages of support and internet users calling him not only for his son, but for all individuals with autism spectrum disorder (TORCH). Reminds us of the right to speak and demand respect. .