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Vicente Fernández’s artificial ventilator is withdrawn

Le retiran la ventilación artificial a Vicente Fernández

The singer is recovering well and his family confirms that the artificial fan he was using has already been withdrawn.

GUADALAJARA.— Vicente Fernández presented improvements in his health; Days after completing four months after being admitted to a private Jalisco hospital and with no recovery, the singer is now recovering, and to the delight of his family and followers, doctors reported that the artificial fan has been removed which he has been using to breathe for months.

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Vicente Fernández no longer uses the artificial fan

The medical team has confirmed that “El Charro de Huentitán” achieved a greater recovery and improvement of spontaneous breathing, this information was given through a statement on the singer’s Instagram. The document highlighted that the Divine Women interpreter had managed to distance himself from mechanical ventilation.

“We are proud to announce that it was possible to disconnect from mechanical ventilation (remove the ventilator completely) for periods of up to an hour and has increased his lung effort to make vocalizations that are part of the pulmonary rehabilitation process, “explained Fernández’s doctors.

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Vicente Fernández remains stable and out of intensive care

Although the singer has been in hospital since early August after falling on his Los Tres Potrillos ranch and having to undergo an operation to treat the fracture of the cervical spine, specialists confirm this Vicente Fernández is stable.

However, they admit that the situation Vicente Fernández was experiencing became complicated and even sparked speculation that he might lose his life because, in addition to the fracture, they discovered Guillain-Barré syndrome, a situation that made his condition worse.

Even though, Vicente Fernandez has shown that it can “make slow progress but remains constant” improvement“.

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