Home Entertainment Vicente Fernández may be leaving the hospital soon, are you okay?

Vicente Fernández may be leaving the hospital soon, are you okay?

Vicente Fernández podría salir del hospital pronto

Journalists commented that the singer could spend the holidays on his ranch.

GUADALAJARA.— Vicente Fernandez could be close leave the hospital. According to a renowned entertainment journalist, the interpreter from “La ley del monte” would be returning to his ranch “Los Tres Potrillos” in the coming weeks, but it should be made clear that the Cante family has not yet confirmed this, which is already rumored.

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Vicente Fernández is no longer in the intensive care unit

Vicente Fernandez leave the intensive care unit However, since October 27th last year he has been on rehabilitation therapies so that he could leave the hospital in the coming weeks, there is even talk of going on vacation with his family.

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How is Vicente Fernández’s health?

The latest medical report indicates that the singer is awake and interacting with his surroundings. It is also mentioned that leaving the ICU “helped him make greater progress in interaction”.

Regarding the respirator, it is stated that it is only a minimal support, as it “can take more time spontaneously”.

For this favorable panorama comes the information from Juan Jose Origel, who stated that there is a possibility that the interpreter of “This Jealousy” sHospital algae and are looked after at home.

“They told me that Don Vicente Fernández, it can be, God willing, that they bring him home for Christmas. If so, the singer will proceed with extra care, but still that’s what the family expects, ”said the entertainment writer on“ Con Permiso ”, which is broadcast on Unicable.

It should be remembered that “El Charro de Huentitán” is interned since the beginning of last August, after suffering drops on his ranch Los Tres Potrillos.

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