Home Entertainment Vicente Fernandez Jr.’s girlfriend may have been “El Buci”‘s boyfriend

Vicente Fernandez Jr.’s girlfriend may have been “El Buci”‘s boyfriend

Mariana González amante de "El Buki"

Mariana Gonzalez has been related to singer Marco Antonio Solis; A woman claims that the woman was his lover.

Mexico.- Mariana Gonzalez, the current passionate partner of Vicente Fernandez Jr., it was with him An extramarital affair with Marco Antonio Solis, “El Buci”. This was said by Lilia Yolanda Ariola Perez, sister of businessman Carlos Mauricio, who was also a passionate partner of the so-called “Mexican Kardashian” and who was murdered in 2016.

In an exclusive interview with the program “Sueta La Sopa”, the woman revealed that Don “Chante”‘s son’s girlfriend In 2014 there was a relationship with the interpreter of “La Venia Bendita”. Lilia also commented that Mariana apparently had no conflicts due to dating married men.

“I’ve known Mariana Gonzalez Padilla since 2014. She met my brother and they started a relationship when my brother wanted her, and I’m going to give it to you especially, Mariana was a fan of ‘El Buci’. Expressed the sister of the deceased businessman for the program “Sueta La Sopa” between 2014, 2015.

The Sister of the Deceased Businessman Also Reveals How Mariana Gonzalez and Her Brother Got Started an extramarital affair And how, slowly the model expressed her annoyance because Carlos Mauricio didn’t end their marriage.

“My brother had to be very careful because he was married. He wanted her to divorce, leave the girls. My brother filled him with luxuries, gave him a car, helped him set up his boutique,” says Leila added on the call. Kardashian Mexicana”.

The woman remarked that after the murder of Carlos Mauricio, Mariana Gonzalez stopped communicating with Lilia and told him never to look for him again:

“I communicated with her and she knew how this kidnapping issue was progressing. She was overwhelmed. 10 million dollars are paid, they were imprisoned for 13 days and unfortunately they murdered her the same way.” at the place where they had left him. I talk to her and she doesn’t know me And he told me: ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about Mauricio, don’t call me again and he blocks me,'” the woman concluded.

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