Home Entertainment Vicente Fernández: his family celebrates their first Christmas without him (photos)

Vicente Fernández: his family celebrates their first Christmas without him (photos)

Familia de Vicente Fernández celebra la Navidad sin él

Vicente Fernández’s family celebrated their first Christmas without “El Charro de Huentitán”.

GUADALAJARA.— Vicente Fernández’s family celebrated his first Christmas without the presence of the singer, who died on December 12th after several months in hospital. In the midst of the duel that his wife ‘Cuquita’ is going through, however, his children Alejandro, Vicente and Gerardo and their grandchildren split up emotional messages this December 25th.

Likewise the members of the Fernandez dynasty they have published photos in which they showed that they live despite the difficult moment they live after Death of “El Charro de Huentitán”, they continued with the traditional Christmas parties, in which they honored the memory of the singer and even gathered at the ranch “Los Tres Potrillos” to venerate the memory of the performer of “La ley del monte”.

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Alejandro Fernández and his son are among the first to wish people a Merry Christmas

One of the first to make a wish Merry Christmas were among his followers Alex Fernandez and his wife Alexia Hernández, who a Photo and a message stressing that the Fernández – Hernández family gave their fans a hug.

His father for his part Alejandro Fernandez resumed his Instagram account to post on December 25th a image that caused tenderness and nostalgiabecause the interpreter of “Si tú supieras” was seen on the ranch of “Los Tres Potrillos” on horseback and with his granddaughter Cayetana – daughter of Camila Fernández -.

the cute picture was accompanied by a text in which the singer showed the sadness that you feel for the recent loss of Vicente Fernández, his father: “Magic … are the people who get you out of the chaos. Merry Christmas!”.

Camila Fernandez He wasn’t far behind and like his father and brother he shared a snapshot of him carrying his firstborn. Cayetana, both are protected by Francisco Barba, the singer’s husband and the girl’s father.

Similarly, Alejandro’s daughter dedicated a very specific message to her fans: “From mine to yours, Merry Christmas”

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Vicente Fernández Jr.’s son goes to his grandfather’s grave for Christmas

Ramón, son of Vicente Fernández Jr., He has also shared several on his Instagram Family pictures, but it was one of them that caught the attention of Internet users, because the snapshot shows his father, grandmother Doña ‘Cuquita’, his brothers and his wife and son in the Vicente Fernández’s gravewhich, as can be seen, is full of flower arrangements.

Like his cousins, the young man accompanied this series of photos with a Embassy in which I wish his followers a Merry Christmas.

With these publications the progeny of the performer of “El Rey” showed that despite the death of Vicente Fernandez they can cope with their departure until Family connection.

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