Home Entertainment Vicente Fernandez after being hospitalized (VIDEO)

Vicente Fernandez after being hospitalized (VIDEO)

Vicente Fernandez after being hospitalized (VIDEO)

Through a recording shared on the social network, “Chante” confirmed that he is already in good health.

Guadalajara.- Vicente Fernandez Via clear a video What he is hospitalized in a hospital in the city of Guadalajara due to urinary tract problems, but assured that He is alright”.

took advantage of Video for Deny the rumor of possible infection of Kovid-19, as predicted earlier.

“Dear friends and all the public I want to ask you to stop worrying, that it was a urinary infection And I am fine now,” he said in a short video recorded from the private hospital where he is.

Ranchera music singer took a chance ask your followers Don’t worry about your health.

Let’s remember that the so-called “Charro d’Huntitan” He was admitted to the hospital in an emergency Last July 7 due to the fact that he presented uneasiness in the body.

According to local media, in the early hours of Tuesday andThe 81-year-old singer had a fever, Body aches and abdominal discomfort which raised suspicions of possible transmission of COVID-19, which were eventually ruled out.

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