Veto, hack and punishment for influential people who support PVEM

Action against influential people participating in a political campaign They are increasingly in favor of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) during the election ban before the June 6 election.

During the last hours, he received Penalties within the companies they work for, veto advertising agencies and even attempts to hack into social networks.

Hacking Attempts at Laura Go

From his Instagram account, the host of come enjoy, Laura, told that Faced four attempts to hack his account on the social network And he assured that he disapproves of any misuse of accounts taking place in the next hours.

“The hacking is intense … I will continue to fight,” the TV Azteca television presenter wrote of an image on the social-digital network showing an alleged logoff of Laura’s account. “But I disapprove of any abuse My social networks … are already four times. “, ended in the story.

Capture: Instagram / @lauragiiInstagram / @lauragii. photo capture from

Laura G and Brandon Peniche banned

This happens hours after it was reported that TV Azteca decided to punish the driver, your partner Brandon Peniche already game show host treasure hunter, Regina Chicken, 15 days suspension without pay.

Banned for advertising campaigns

according to the magazine TV NotesSandra Smeester, General Director of Content for Television, announces the productions she participates in three drivers WhatHe was approved by the next week.

In addition to this punishment, marketing agency Creative Society reported that influencers are Banned from working on any campaign The ads they organize.

You can read: Investigation against influential people who instigated votes in favor of PVEM

“participants in illegal acts”

“we are taking Necessary action to ensure that all ‘influencers’ who participated in these illegal acts are not considered in any campaign we manage for our brands”.

remember your name

“We invite agencies, brands and media to remember their names and do By an industry with professional ethics. We all do this union,” the agency concluded in a statement that, according to its website, has developed an application for the National Electoral Institute (INE).

In addition, the prosecutor’s office investigates

This could mean a serious impact on the job opportunities of various Mexican entertainment figures and celebrities participating in political campaigns.

In addition to this, The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) opened an investigation Against influential people who supported the Green Party in the electoral ban.

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