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Monday, September 26, 2022

Very thin! Chiquis Rivera causes a sensation for “the new body” that he is teaching (VIDEOS)

  • Chiquis Rivera no longer keeps her great body
  • Are Jenni’s daughter’s curves disappearing?
  • Lorenzo Méndez’s ex looks thinner, what was done?

Chiquis Rivera continues to empower the women who follow her by encouraging them to embrace their imperfections and fall in love with each one of her body, but it is also inevitable that she does not resort to certain ‘fixes’ to show off an almost perfect and presentable image, but now is she happened and is thinner than ever?

Lately, through her social networks, Jenni Rivera’s daughter has shown that any remedy or method that helps her shape her body is going to be recommended, such as the scandal of the so-called “lemon water” that she claims to drink , but now, he also appeared with massages on his waist, apparently reductive.

Chiquis Rivera does whatever it takes to shape her body

Chiquis Rivera new body

There have been three videos, which have exposed Chiquis Rivera on her body and two of them published on the Instagram account ‘Scandal‘ where you can see in one, how the singer is lying down receiving a kind of reductive massage based on mud or something similar, and then use a cream.

“All that remains is for Chiquis to say that she has lost weight because of her ice therapy,” is what the page administrator wrote describing the video, but the people continued: “now the defenders are coming…. but there is nothing like exercise to reaffirm… that jelly only 100 sessions”, “Well, send your whole family since your therapy is so good”, “and with lemon water”, “Pure lies”, they wrote.

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