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Vertigo. “We all have a similar fear of heights”

The primal fear of falling from heights is the base from which he started scott mann to create fail (Vertigo), the film that this week hits the billboard as one of the great surprises of the summer. This story has a very small budget compared to Hollywood mega productions, but that was not an impediment to achieving a high-quality cinematographic experience that tells the story of two friends trapped in a tower.

In a chat with MILLENNIUMthe filmmaker shared that this film is the translation of his personal fears into a story that is fast-paced and vertiginous from the first minutes in which we see its protagonists climbing a mountain, “we all have a similar fear of heights, it arose when Jonathan Frank (writer) and I were filming in a very high place and we couldn’t stop thinking about this fear of falling.”

“This fear became a component of the movie, this really hasn’t been done, a story where your fear of falling from heights is so front and center, what we wanted was to achieve a cinematic experience and use this kind of tools properly on the big screen, with really immersive sound that would make us enter this world as if it were a ride through a theme park, “he added.

The documentary Free Solonominated for an Oscar in 2019, was one of the closest references to the experience that Scott wanted to provoke in the audience, “I remember listening to a clip of the documentary in my car the audio and I was scared without seeing the image, I think that is It is due to the way the film makes you go with the character, there are stories that do not place you in the full experience, but we go to the cinema for that and that is why we designed an experience.

“The term is live or die and the heart of the film comes from a place that we have all been through in the last few years, the trauma, the difficult moments, the courage to face things, transform and heal, that is really fundamental. For the story, I think it’s like you want to tie yourself down on the ride, you scream and when you get off that ride you want to feel better about yourself and about life, that’s what we’re looking for,” added Mann.

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To break with the feeling of its protagonists: Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner), the filmmaker designed a reduced space that did not break with that primary fear of human beings of heights. The movie was not filmed at the B67 Television Tower, on which the story is based, but the actresses did stand atop a 60-foot-tall, cliff-top tower in the Mojave Desert that designed the production.

Fall is the story of two friends who must face their personal problems and fears. The story starts when Becky loses her husband on a cliff, Hunter is on the same mountain and sees how the tragedy occurs, after a few months Hunter invites Becky to a new adventure to face her fears and overcome the past, a abandoned television tower is the goal, not knowing that they will be trapped in the heights.

“A lot happens in that tower, after Dan’s death, Becky just wants to be alone and she isolates herself, but then she takes on this new challenge which is kind of a step towards death in a dangerous way and we see her hiding behind her personality, on the other hand, Hunter was not entirely honest and will have to face it with her friend, “added Scott about the part of the plot that takes place on the tower recreated for fiction.

much with little

Mann was able to create a realistic effect with a thriller tone and a modest $3 million budget for his story. To this budget challenge that led him to create a lot with little, Scott also faced the challenge of creating an entire story with few material resources and the participation of two actresses, since most of the story takes place in a single space: the tower in which both girls are trapped for several days.

“That was one of the funniest challenges, if you get stuck in a small space, what can you do? John and I put duct tape on the floor and got up on a table and did it for ourselves and said, “If your life depends on this, what do you do? So we wove the script, then we saw the actual tower that the story is based on, and from there came a lot of material to experiment with different feelings: the suspense and the horror,” he said.

The story not only explores the meaning of life and death, friendship and betrayal, it also becomes a reflection of our relationship with social networks. After the death of DanHunter, takes refuge in her YouTube videos to find the meaning of being alive, “I think it’s interesting to have a lens of reality through YouTube or whatever, they are still human beings, despite what social networks imply today“, said.

“There is a certain social dishonesty and a lot of the problems that we have in the world are just because we don’t understand the truth among ourselves and we are not able to express it, but here we see something fundamentally about life and death. We have commercialized a lot, we have become more of a business than a society, we have to look at the problem and try to find a better way to show ourselves”, he concluded.

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