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Verónica Lozano tells how her name arose to replace Andy Kusnetzoff in PH

Verónica Lozano tells how her name arose to replace Andy Kusnetzoff in PH

Since its premiere in 2017, PH, can we speak (Telefe) all the time had Andy Kusnetzoff as its flagship driver, who was solely absent final yr, for 3 broadcasts, when he caught Covid. This Saturday, September 4, Andy shall be absent from his cycle once more and shall be changed by a bunch of the channel: Verónica Lozano.

The explanation for Andy to depart his program within the palms of his channel associate, who conducts each afternoon on the display of Telefe el journal Minimize for Lozano, is greater than justified: the driving force has simply turn out to be a father, for the second time, and the newborn spent a number of days in neonatology. As a result of, Andy will keep this weekend at dwelling together with his household, to renew their homework subsequent week.

The friends for this Saturday shall be Graciela Alfano, Gerardo Romano, Analía Franchín, Rodrigo Lussich and Rodrigo “Vagoneta”, who will arrive on the common assembly level of the cycle, this time with Vero Lozano on the helm.

For The First Time, Andy Gives Up The Leadership Of Ph.

For the primary time, Andy provides up the management of PH.

“Andy called me last Sunday to ask me if I made him the prawn for driving PH, since with the birth of the little Lion I wanted to be with the family, with the baby already at home. I thought it was nice that he asked me and I was delighted to acceptWe are friends, “stated Lozano.” It is a program that I like and I feel it is a great challenge, so I am willing and happy to do it. “

The arrival of León Kusnetzoff

The second son of Andy Kusnetzoff was born on Friday, August 20, however the driver solely introduced the information of his start a number of days later, when the newborn was discharged after having been in neonatology. León is Andy’s second son along with Florence Suarez, with whom he already has Helena, 5 years outdated.

The driving force made an emotional publish on his Instagram account to obtain his son and inform how these troublesome first days had been. “Arriving at the neo for the first time is hard. But with the days you begin to value other things. You walk into a movie and you don’t care anymore what happens outside. It is a place of baby fighters, gladiators who thrive on love and professionalism of each person who works with so much love. They are not only dedicated to babies, but to parents ”.

In an extensive text that he accompanied with several photos of his family, Andy said: “Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but there are always good people who give you a hand. Your name says it all. You are a lion. And now, being four, to enjoy life as a family ”.

And he added some heartfelt words for his wife and mother of León: “Separate paragraph for mothers. They bank physically and emotionally everything. I don’t know how they do it! Flower, you’re a lioness! Welcome son! We love you!”. Lastly, the conductor closed his publish citing Gustavo Cerati and one in all his most emotional songs, Promise zone, what does it say: “It takes time to arrive and in the end there is a reward”.

For her half, Florencia Suárez, who’s a producer of the radio cycle Road canines, who leads Kusnetzoff, referred to the start of León from his networks: “We dream of you and we wait so long! From your first hours of life you brought us many lessons,” he wrote on his Instagram. “Life all the time surprises you minute by minute with joys, with challenges, with surprises, fears, hopes ”.

Concerning the neonatology expertise that León needed to dwell, Florencia wrote: “The neo became your unthinkable and unknown first home. Between cables, monitors and so many other things we learned how to change your diapers, take a bath, give you a tit. Ugh how many feelings! You did honor to your name from day one… Leon. You are a warrior! ”.