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Verónica Llinás joins streaming to work on a Star + series recorded in Brazil

Verónica Llinás joins streaming to work on a Star + series recorded in Brazil

The unmistakable image of Rio de Janeiro as a framework for the new history it is preparing Star +. The platform announced the beginning of the recordings of How To Be a Carioca (How to be a carioca), a new original fiction production from the Star Original Productions label, which will be released in 2022 and in which the Argentines Verónica Llinás and Andrea Frigerio will participate, among other figures.

The series, based on the homonymous best-seller and filmed in different locations in the city of Rio de Janeiro, responds with great humor and affection to “the way of being Carioca”, and will have the creative direction of Carlos Saldanha (the same as Rio, The Ice Age Y Ferdinando the bull), who also serves as episodic director alongside Joana Mariani and Rene Sampaio.

In her social networks, Llinás was enthusiastic about the new project: “An honor to participate in this series under the direction of @carloshsaldanha and starring @seujorge. It is a declaration of love to Rio de Janeiro. Very soon #HowToBeACarioca arrives at @starplusla @starplusbr, “the actress wrote on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The new production is a real survival manual in the Wonderful City, in which in each episode a foreigner will live an adventure in the best “gringo” style, in an attempt to adapt to the Brazilian culture and essentially to that of the famous city.

The host: the histrionic Seu Jorge

For this, foreign visitors will have the help of Francisco, a “pure-breed carioca” interpreted by the local Seu Jorge (the actor of Marighella Y City of God, among many other titles).

&Quot;How To Be A Carioca&Quot; Will Not Only Tell The Adventures Of The Adaptation Of Tourists, But Will Also Show The Beauty Of Rio.

“How to be a Carioca” will not only tell the adventures of the adaptation of tourists, but will also show the beauty of Rio.

In the different episodes, Seu Jorge is the host who will receive Llinás and FrigerioThe Argentines who will try to adapt to “being Cariocas”, like other foreigners. The actor and musician born in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, in the popular area of ​​Baixada Fluminense, knows his city and its inhabitants better than anyone.

His work as a composer is as recognized as his acting career, which includes appearances in films such as The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissouby Wes Anderson, Elite Troop 2 Y Pelé: Birth of a Legend, where he plays the father of the famous soccer player Pelé.

On the other hand, Llinás comes from filming The end of love, a miniseries for Amazon Prime Video still without release, and to make a successful theatrical season with Two crazy women, together with Soledad Silveyra in el Astral, a work with which she will continue on stage during the summer, alternating the week with performances in Buenos Aires, from Thursday to Sunday and in Mar del Plata, Monday and Tuesday.

Frigerio also showed his joy on Instagram for this work: “The pleasure of having shared this shoot with the divine and talented @soyverollinas and having enjoyed #RiodeJaneiro, its incredible landscapes and its wonderful people. Thank you Brazil for receiving me and having treated me with so much affection. I already have Saudades from my Cariocas days, “he wrote.

Itinerant Season: Llinás And Silveyra Will Do &Quot;Two Crazy Women&Quot; In Buenos Aires And Mar Del Plata.  Photo: Andrés D'Elía.

Itinerant season: Llinás and Silveyra will perform “Two crazy shots” in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata. Photo: Andrés D’Elía.

The actress was filming the horror and suspense film this year The last heretic, beside German Palacios, and is part of the cast of the series The first of us. In the strip, which will debut on the Telefe screen during the summer, she plays a psychologist and shares a cast with Luciano Castro, Paola Krum, Benjamín Vicuña, Jorgelina Aruzzi, Damián de Santo and Mercedes Funes.

The participation of both in How To Be a Carioca It will be a way to open up to new audiences, mainly in Latin America. The Serie is a production created by Carlos Saldanha, Joana Mariani and Diogo Dhal and has the script by Rodrigo Nogueira, Sabrina Rosa and Felipe Scholl. Made by Moovie, it is part of the offer of new exclusive Star + productions.

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