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Verónica Gallardo accuses Gustavo Adolfo Infante of “putting his foot in” his career: “cowardly he came out”

Gustavo Adolfo Infante, entertainment journalist, continues in controversy after the most recent discussion and fight that argued against Joanna Vega-Biestro and Ana María Alvarado in the program the sun rises. In the midst of the criticism, other accusations against him have come out, such as the one made by the journalist and host Verónica Gallardo. The famous pointed to Infante de having hindered their work and even made the atmosphere heavy when they worked together.

And it is that Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Verónica Gallardo worked together for several years on the program don’t tellin which entertainment and entertainment was the main axis.

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Therefore, taking advantage of the controversy, Verónica Gallardo said that her relationship with Adolfo Infante is not quite right, because she closed the doors of the television station where she now works and even tried to blame “Anita” Alvarado.

According to her testimony, which she gave on her YouTube channel, Infante was the one who had invited her to work with him. However, when he finished the project they were working on -in Cadena Tres-, the journalist informed Gallardo that a journalist had not wanted her to be on the program the sun rises

However, Gallardo found out shortly after that whoever was behind this was none other than Gustavo Adolfo:

“I was invited to participate in Sale el sol, it was nothing more than a substitute in which Joanna Vega-Biestro had her baby and was recovering from childbirth. They informed me very well, ‘it’s not for you to join the program, it’s nothing else while Joanna is not here and if you do us a favor, come twice a week’…”, she recalled.

He said that when he replaced Vega-Biestro, at some point they did not speak to him again:

“I stay in Grupo Imagen’s ‘house of rubber’, not to say uglier, but if you have nothing to do, you say ‘yes’, I went to a program with Anita Alvarado, everything was very good, wonderful, I went to the second, and the third time they don’t call me back… When I ask ‘hey, what happened? I’m going to stay, or I’m not going to stay,’” he revealed.


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When in doubt, he found out that it had allegedly been Ana María Alvarado who asked not to call him again. However, over time she discovered that this was totally false. It turned out that she was allegedly Infante:

“And so I start to carry out my investigations, they tell me ‘no, well, notice that one of the drivers doesn’t want you to be there’, I said ‘ah damn, who?’, ‘no, well, it was Anita Alvarado’ I don’t think so about Anita, because she’s literally ‘the prettiest’, so I didn’t pay attention to what they told me.

Then I find out what it was Gustavo Adolfo Infante the one who asked me not to stay, although he was not in Sale el sol, nor was he one of the producers, who asked that Anita Alvarado be blamed, he even came out as a coward… I have said it, and I thank him because He took me to Don’t tell him, but then he couldn’t stand me anymore and every so often he wanted to take me off, ”Gallardo recalled.

Finally, he mentioned that, on several occasions, the journalist tried to hinder his work and wanted to put his foot in it. As expected, the testimony of the famous has had great support and solidarity.


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