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Verónica Castro talks about the deficiencies in her childhood: “we lived in a utility room”

Veronica Castro is one of the Mexican actresses who has the recognition and affection of the public for her work in soap operas such as Rich people cry too, wild Rose, Valentineamong others, and for his driving dthe emblematic program Bad night… no!; However, before rising to fame, the actress lived a childhood of deficiencies.

In an interview for the show windowingVerónica Castro said that she began her career at an early age after learning that she came from a family of artists, since her father was the actor’s half brother Fernando Soto the butterknown for his films alongside Pedro Infante.

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“He was very escuinclilla (when he ventured into acting). I did not know that he came from a family of artists because as my parents separated very young, well my mother and we were very small, So my father was the half brother of ‘Mantequilla’, his father was Panzón Soto, my grandmother, a very famous Chilean actress, Socorro Astol, My aunt also did a theater, a kind of Fine Arts in Sinaloa, that is, if I come from a very strong offspring, “he said.

He mentioned that during his childhood he lived in a small room with his three brothers and his mother. He pointed out that his first opportunity to show off his talent was alongside Andres Soler.

“When the opportunity comes for me to be an artist and to be able to study even though we had no money and we lived in a utility room and all that stuff, well, they do give me the opportunity to study with Andrés Soler.”

She added that she was able to study to become an actress thanks to a scholarship she applied for: “They give me the scholarship and that’s where it starts… At the age of 14, well, this man comes to me and I tell him: ‘I want to be an artist, please give me the scholarship’ and they gave it to me, so I tell him: ‘I want let him be my godfather’, I put this poor man, he is Mr. Pedro Luis Bartilotti, who is divine”.

The 69-year-old actress recalled that when she was a child her family was going through a difficult economic stage, so her mother worked all day and she had to take care of her siblings.

My mother worked and she left us locked up with a key so that no escuincle was going to come out and I had to practically act as the mother of my brothers“.

Verónica Castro reveals that she wanted to be a nun

Cristian Castro’s mother commented that his mother had several jobs to be able to support the family. She also confessed that before wanting to dedicate herself to show business she tried to become a nun.

“We lived in Bucareli and Donato Guerra, there was a Chinese restaurant there and my mother would spend the night when she finished because she was doing thesis and working on hydraulic resources, she also works at the university, in short, she did a lot of things to be able to pay for that room and to be able to take a bottle of Chinese coffee with milk (from the restaurant) and a biscuit, that was our dinner, that we were no longer anxiously awaiting it because we didn’t even talk about food”.

“She had tried to be a nun, she gave catechisms around the corner from the house, about two blocks away.”


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