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Verónica Castro remembers her mother’s death: “I saw her suffering a lot”

Veronica Castro had an interview with Pati Chapoy for the program windowing where he talked about his return to the big screen with the movie When I’m young next to Natasha Dupeyrón, and also recalled the death of her mother, Socorro, which occurred in April 2020.

First, the actress commented that the recent loss of family and friends “hit me very hard; Many relatives left, obviously the most important in my life who is my mother, and many people from the artistic guild, many famous people.

Verónica Castro responds to criticism for a filtered photo with Pati Chapoy

“I was like abandoned, I felt like alone and swallow pills for depression and that kind of thing, everything comes with age, “he added.

On the death of his mother, he said that “I don’t know whether to say that I have overcomeSuddenly I feel like my mom is calling me and I tell her: ‘Fatty, hold on to me for a little while, don’t push me yet’. I feel like it’s calling me.”

Later, she remembered that her mother “talked to me every day: ‘Where are you? What are you doing? Come back now’. If she went with my compadre el Coque, we poured our drinks, I was listening to music and she said: ‘What are you doing? Are you drinking? Are you going to drink alcohol? You go home’. He checked me daily, being old as I am, he never let me go, not a single day, he always checked me”.

“That communion that we had was so strong that it was very difficult for me to leave it, but I feel that it is at peace because I saw her suffering a lot due to the horrific fall of the back, she was ill from the operations and it hurt me to see her suffer, I no longer liked seeing her suffering”, he added.

Likewise, Verónica acknowledged that after the death of her mother “I had a very bad time, I got very depressed, I got very sick and it affected me a lot. But I prefer that she is resting in peace and now I am in peace because what I could for her, I gave her everything she wanted, she did what she wanted, I traveled with her and until the end I was with my mother.


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