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Verónica Castro remembers a tense moment with Jacobo Zabludovsky: “I felt an attack”

Veronica Castro She has shared in detail the most complicated moments of her life and those that led her to become one of the main actresses of the Mexican show. Among the memories of her that she revived could not miss her love story with Manuel Crazy Valdesfather of her son, Cristian castro.

However, the actress mentioned that her relationship with the comedian led her to face the scrutiny of the people, especially when she became pregnant, because at that time it was not accepted to have children outside of marriage. It was shortly after the birth of her son that the famous she had a tense conversation with Jacob Zabludovsky.

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“Yes, what horror! I know Manuel, who was always working with him from the beginning until I decided to have a relationship at the age of 19, I also with him, And I got pregnant while I was in college my junior year.“, said Veronica Castro in an interview for the show Windowing.

Verónica Castro and her run-in with Zabludovsky

Later, the actress talked about how difficult it was to become a mother without being married and revealed the clash she had with Zabludovsky, journalist who hosted the 24-hour newscast for almost 30 years

“The children were called in a very ugly way, they called them bastards, things like that. I had already had the child and Jacobo Zabludovsky spoke to me, he told me: ‘I would like you to bring the child so we could see him'”.

Veronica Castro

The protagonist of soap operas such as The rich also cry or Rosa Salvaje hinted that that conversation bothered her and did not hesitate to respond forcefully to the journalist.

“I told him: ‘I assure you that he has one head and two, and if they are trying to find him similar, he looks like me’. It was rude on my part, but I felt an attack like saying: ‘let’s see the little monster that came out or see if it came out completely’“.

After the call, Zabludovsky contacted her again to apologize for his indiscretion: “Then he apologized to me, and I hugged him.”


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