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Verónica Castro, concerned about the health of Eugenio Derbez: “After an accident, life is different”

Veronica Castro is in full promotion of the film when i’m youngwhere he shares the leading role with Natasha Dupeyronwhich is why he recently linked up with the program Wake up America to talk about the project.

In this talk with driver Alan Tacher, the Cristian Castro’s mom He spoke about the film, which he directs Raul Martinez Resendezbut also took the opportunity to express his concern for the health of Eugenio Derbez.

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“I am very worried, I always write little things there because I am praying a lot for him, I am very worried about Eugenio”, He said about the actor who suffered a broken shoulder several days ago while playing a video game.

Later, Veronica recalled that she experienced a situation similar to that of her colleague: “I had a very serious accident that changed my life. and I really am not well because my life continues to change, I lost these last 10 years of my life, they are the most terrible, the worst, precisely because of the elephant accident that we had in big brother”.

I feel that after an accident life is different, it is very different”, assured the Mexican actress.

And he again stated that he is afflicted by the situation of Eugenio Derbez: “I am very worried about this partner, friend, who is also the producer of the film.”

“He was kind enough to make me a phone call to let me know that he could not do the promotion with us,” concluded Verónica Castro on the subject.


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