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‘Ventaneando’ defends Santa Fe Klan after arrest; they accuse discrimination: “when they arrive in suits they don’t even see them”

Santa Fe Klan, Famous singer, became a trend after broadcasting live the moment in which the police arrested him while he was on the street. for no reason, the singer was confronted by the authorities. Therefore, the The case has caused outrage. Among those who spoke about it was the team of windowingas they pointed out that the incident was due to discrimination.

It was during the most recent program of windowing where the drivers Pati Chapoy, Daniel Bisogno, Pedro Sola and Linet Puente took a stand regarding the arrest of the Santa Fe Klan while walking down the street and doing a live broadcast in which he announced a great show that he will give in Mexico City.

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After presenting the note, the first to position herself was Pati Chapoy, who mentioned that perhaps they arrested him just for seeing him tattooed, although he stressed that surely if there is a criminal in a suit they do not arrest him:

“If he came smoking, he came talking, if he ran, I think that’s why the police approached. In that area there is a lot of problem with criminals, well he got it. What a pity. But it usually happens that if a catrín in a suit comes out and is a real criminal, they don’t arrest him. When they arrive in suits they don’t even see them,” said the journalist.

“It’s wrong to let yourself be guided by appearance… It’s discrimination,” added Daniel Bisogno.

“They saw him tattooed and believed he was a criminal,” Linet Puente sentenced.


Finally, they condemned the arrest and stated that they did not have to check his backpack and above all they should not be guided by appearance, since there are people who do harm others in suits.


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