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Venice Film Festival: “Official Competition” started laughing

Venice Film Festival:

The primary screening of Official competitors within the Venice oyster it has already handed, and was obtained with laughter and dismissed with applause, in keeping with these current. The comedy by Argentines Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, with Oscar Martinez, Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz was seen by the accredited press. At evening would be the gala efficiency of the movie that competes for the Golden Lion.

“The Argentine duo Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat do not miss the opportunity to mock the job of actor with the scathing satire of their latest film”says the AFP company.

Argentines relapse in Venice “after their previous and applauded works, The illustrious citizen (2016, and that they co-directed) and My masterpiece (2018, by Duprat), “with a corrosive movie about cinema, actor’s work and the duel of egos”.

Mariano Cohn And Gastón Duprat Surround Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz And Oscar Martínez, At The Lido Of Venice.  Photo Efe

Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat encompass Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz and Oscar Martínez, on the Lido of Venice. Picture EFE

For the primary, Oscar Martínez received the Volpi Cup for the very best male efficiency from the Lido of Venice.

The plot

Penélope Cruz as Lola Cuevas, an eccentric movie director, directs Félix Rivero, a Latin star in Hollywood – what apart from Antonio Banderas – and the refined theater actor Iván Torres, the position of Oscar Martínez.

Gastón Duprat And Mariano Cohn Return To Venice, After &Quot;The Illustrious Citizen&Quot; And &Quot;My Masterpiece&Quot;.  Photo Efe

Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn return to Venice, after “The Illustrious Citizen” and “My Masterpiece”. Picture EFE

“With a caustic and fun script in which Andrés Duprat, Gastón’s brother participated and signed by the two filmmakers, the film ironically reels off the narcissism of the actors, but also their genius, their tricks and secrets,” continues what was printed by AFP.

Within the press convention after the morning efficiency, Mariano Cohn mentioned that “We wanted to tell the strategies that the actors have in order to later get excited”, and described the performances of the three actors as true “master classes”.

The movie tells the story of a billionaire businessman (José Luis Gómez) who decides to make a movie that may generate social status, as a substitute of financing the development of a contemporary bridge, as he had thought. And he decides to rent the very best, with a stellar solid.

Oscar Martínez Returns To The Venice Lido, Where Five Years Ago He Won The Volpi Cup For Best Actor For &Quot;The Illustrious Citizen.&Quot;  Photo Efe

Oscar Martínez returns to the Venice Lido, the place 5 years in the past he received the Volpi Cup for greatest actor for “The illustrious citizen.” Picture EFE

“It has been a liberating and fun performance,” mentioned Penelope Cruz, who outlined her character as “charming, intelligent, self-centered, unfiltered and wild. I would not like to look like her at all,” she mentioned after confessing that she appreciated “being placed in your skin”.

“In these times, laughter is something almost subversive, clandestine, because irony touches on what is politically incorrect,” mentioned Banderas.

“We have removed that protection to ridicule the accesses that are used to reach art; there are envies, competition, insecurities, we are seeing with a magnifying glass a piece of the human being, because although they are actors it is perfectly applicable to politics and other fields” , he confused.

Histrionic.  The Malaga-Born Antonio Banderas Did Imitations Of Colleagues With Whom He Performed In His Career.  Photo Efe

Histrionic. The Malaga-born Antonio Banderas did imitations of colleagues with whom he carried out in his profession. Picture EFE

Oscar Martínez is that actor with a powerful moral discourse, who believes he’s above good and evil. “And that same condemns him,” mentioned the Argentine interpreter, who now resides in Madrid. “He is very unaware of his own nature (…), he has an ideology that justifies him, which is his lair, but obviously he is a mediocre one who has a deep envy of Felix”.

It began with the need to work collectively, in keeping with Gastón Duprat. “We put together this idea together, they transferred their experiences, which in some cases are in the script.”

Banderas dominated out resembling his character, whom he described as “macho and arrogant”, however says he sees in him “a certain nobility” within the face of Torres’ ambiguous and enigmatic character, shielded by ethics and intellectuality, whom he sees as an impostor.

Cruz Is The Director Of The Film In Which The Characters Of Banderas And Martínez Collide Their Egos.  Afp Photo

Cruz is the director of the movie wherein the characters of Banderas and Martínez collide their egos. AFP picture

“This idea is at the heart of the film, the number of impostors that exist, not only in the art world, but also in politics, there is a narcissism of looking in the mirror but there is also a powerful intellectual narcissism that crosses unthinkable barriers” , assured the interpreter of Ache and glory.

Banderas made journalists chuckle within the press room on the island of Lido, doing imitations of the eccentricities of their career working with them, a few of that are recreated within the movie.

The Argentine-Spanish co-production, which was shot totally in Spain, after passing via Venice might be seen on the Toronto Movie Pageant, which begins subsequent week, and also will be seen on the San Sebastián Movie Pageant.

“It is a tribute to our profession. It is not a parody, nor a lack of respect for the actor,” defined Penelope Cruz, who had the concept for the movie.