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Vargas Llosa recalls sexual abuse in adolescence

Vargas Llosa recalls sexual abuse in adolescence

The Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa He recalled an episode of abuse that occurred in his adolescence, throughout a convention on the Cajamarca Digital E-book Truthful.

Though the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature had already revealed it in his autobiography “The Fish in the Water”, his statements they’re a novelty for a lot of And so they come days after boxer Oscar de la Hoya made it identified publicly that he was additionally a sufferer of sexual abuse in his teenagers.

Vargas Llosa abuse

Vargas Llosa, 85, stated that the episode occurred at Colegio La Salle in Lima (Peru), an establishment run by a Catholic non secular congregation through which the author studied.

The Nobel Prize winner could be at the very least 12 years previous in 1948 when Leoncio, a member of the congregation of the Brothers of the Christian Faculties, had an abusive conduct in opposition to the then adolescent.

“The school was empty and this brother took me to the fifth floor,” stated Vargas Llosa. “It seems to me that it was the fifth floor, to which the students of the school could not enter because it was the floor where the brothers had their rooms”.

“I remember that this brother, who was very nervous (…), suddenly took out some Mexican magazines in his room called See and that they were naked “,

the author detailed.

“Then he gave me these magazines that I, very scared, began to leaf through them and suddenly I discovered that this brother was touching my fly as if he wanted to masturbate. Well, it was a scandal for me and I started crying and screaming”,

added Vargas Llosa.

In his autobiography revealed in 1993, the author additionally particulars that the priest tried to rub his genitals over his pants. He indicated that Leoncio opened the door of the room to Vargas Llosa after {the teenager} began screaming.

Each in his lecture and in his autobiography, the author recollects that after that episode he moved away from Catholic non secular practices.

“Curiously from then on, I who had been a very believing child and who complied with communion every first Friday, in short, I was disinterested in religion”,

confessed on the convention.

Mario Vargas Llosa is a author who he has excelled in narrative and essay. He’s an mental who has gained awards such because the Nobel Prize in Literature, in 2010, and the Miguel de Cervantes Prize, in 1994.

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