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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Vanessa Lyon, ex of Carlitos Calderón, brazens on social networks and upsets everyone

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  • Vanessa Lyon seems to be overcoming everything
  • The actress appears in underwear on her social networks
  • It already seems that she doesn’t care what they say about her

Vanessa Lyon has been experiencing a difficult situation with her ex-husband, television presenter Carlitos Calderón. He uploaded videos of herself crying, begging for mercy for her since he couldn’t see her son the way he wanted. People even started raising money for her.

Although the situation facing the driver and the actress is not yet clear, it is known that he himself filed an order since Vanessa allegedly came to attack him. But it seems that Lyon is gradually overcoming this delicate situation, as he was completely cheeky on social media.

What about Vanessa Lyon?

What about Vanessa Lyon?

Carlos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon are the protagonists of an unfortunate case of domestic violence. According to a police report, the young woman was arrested after assaulting her then partner. In this way, the host of “Despierta América” ​​and the actress join the unfortunate list of celebrities involved in episodes of aggression.

The actress was arrested. Following her arrest, Vanessa Lyon was released on bail and placed on a restraining order that was lifted when the case closed on June 16, records show. In addition, it is known that the couple’s legal battle will continue in the Miami-Dade family court.

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