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Vanessa Lyon breaks the silence after separation with Carlitos Calderón and assures that they are “spying” on her

  • Vanessa Lyon assures that they are “spying” on her.
  • Carlitos Calderón’s ex breaks the silence.
  • He assures that his nightmare began when he met the Univisión host.

Vanessa Lyon Carlos Calderon. One of the issues that has come to be considered “delicate” and that has occupied several headlines, is the separation between Vanessa Lyon and the host of “Despierta América”. Undoubtedly, the ex-partner of Carlitos Calderón is the one who has not had a good time in the hard process, since the actress assures that she has been “under surveillance” and demonstrated it on social networks.

What we all know is that social networks are currently used to share any type of content, be it informative, entertaining or simply reveal what happens in people’s daily lives and what can be expected when a public figure gets involved with these platforms.

Vanessa Lyon suffers the ravages of her separation from Carlos Calderón

Vanessa Lyon Carlos Calderon

Let us remember that previously Vanessa Lyon used her networks to show how the hard process has been after Carlos Calderón decided to file a complaint against her, and even worse, when by legal terms it was concluded that the actress could not to have full time with little León, but now she assures that they would be ‘spying’ on her.

Since then, the actress has not stopped being constantly active on her social networks, sharing with her followers how that walk has been until today. Thanks to this we have seen how little by little Vanessa has come forward improving her physical appearance as well as the moments she spends with her baby. Filed Under: Vanessa Lyon Carlos Calderón.

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