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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Vanessa Hudgens pokes fun at ‘High School Musical’ thanks to fans (exclusive)

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Vanessa Hudgens will always be synonymous high school musical, It’s been almost 15 years since the sequel hit the theaters and Even then Fans can’t stop singing some of the best hits from the film, and the 33-year-old reminisced about it every day.

Hudgens talks to ET’s Lauren Zima about her hosting of the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards and she reveals how time has flown High School Musical 2 Premiered in August 2007. Hudgens, who played the beloved Gabriella Montez, said a part of her life feels like a lifetime ago but there’s a new generation living that part of her life lively.

Hudgens told ET, ‘The fact is, the kids are still watching it. “Kids are still being introduced to it. I just saw ‘Gotta go my own way’ trending on TikTok.” As he finished that sentence, Hudgens looked into the camera and said, “It never dies, thank you guys!”

He has a collaboration with Zac Efron for the “Gotta Go On My Own” sequel. All kidding away, Hudgens understands the importance of suffrage to the younger generation. And she understands because the 1961 classic story of the west He was instrumental in shaping his life and ultimately his career.

“The fact that I wouldn’t be in musical theater if it weren’t for Natalie Wood story of the west,” she explained. “She will always be Maria to me. It was because of those films that really ignited my love for art. I feel like high school musical Made for the new generation. So, if there’s anything that I got from Natalie Wood, I’d be very happy to pass it on to the kids.”

It’s hard to believe that Hudgens almost never played Montez, but she has since made a mark on Hollywood that goes beyond her singing and acting roles. She’s also mastered the role of host at this year’s Oscars, from her recent gig at the Met Gala. Hudgens will play host again when the MTV Movie & TV Awards airs on Sunday, June 5, and he offered ET some hope.

For starters, there’s a new award this year that’s in the realm of Best Kiss. It will be steamy, to say the least. There is also the possibility that Snoop Dogg may or may not join in as his featured DJ.

Hudgens also confirmed her boyfriend, Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop Cole Tucker, would not be making an appearance on the show (hey, it’s baseball season!) but said he would watch on TV.

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