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Vanessa Guzmán shares a photo without a drop of makeup with a dedication for detractors

Vanessa Guzman He decided to get away from soap operas a couple of years ago to focus on his passion for exercise and bodybuilding competitions. After her foray into this discipline, the actress has suffered a drastic physical transformation that has surprised all those who have followed his career since his debut on the small screen.

Now, the famous surprised her followers after sharing through her account Instagram a photograph in which she showed herself without a drop of makeup and wrote a few words against those who have questioned his physical change.

Vanessa Claudio says that she was sexualized in her beginnings on TV Azteca: “they put a little short on me”

And it is that since Vanessa Guzman has decided to follow the path of bodybuilding, some netizens have criticized his appearance; however, the actress has not been silent and she continues to celebrate muscular female bodies.

In the snapshot that he published in his stories, he is not only radiant but also relaxed and enjoying an afternoon lying on a green lawn. Along with the image of her, the actress wrote a message of self-love from her.

“Natural, no filters, no lights, no makeup! I love myself, I accept myself,” He pointed out in his text in which he also dedicated a few words to those who criticize his body: “And if you don’t like it, it’s your problem, not mine!”

Vanessa Guzmán attacks her detractors (Instagram).

Vanessa Guzmán attacks her detractors (Instagram).

Without a doubt, the famous one is going through one of the best moments of her life, she has also recognized that she feels full and happy with the direction her career has followed.

Since she adopted a new lifestyle, the actress has become one of the celebrities looking for break stereotypes and finish them off Beauty canons that surround the bodies of women.

Vanessa Guzmán suffered anxiety

at the beginning of the year, Vanessa Guzman spoke on the show The fat and the skinny about the physical transformation he had in recent months with the aim of venturing into bodybuilding, a discipline that has earned him several awards. He also explained what mental disorder he suffered from.

“My anxiety problem, which I developed in a project, generated a complete withdrawal on a social level. I didn’t know, I wasn’t diagnosed, I didn’t know how to work on it. I was criticized, I was judged a lot and the only thing I experienced was paranoia internal,” he said.


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