Vanessa Claudio criticized for her attitude in Miss Universe

Alicia Machado and Vanessa Claudio starred in Rough Moment During the live broadcast of Miss Universe 2021 on TV Azteca.

What happened?

Came to know They both hosted a beauty pageant show Which was transmitted from Azteca Uno Signal, where as experts they explained about what was happening on the show.

However, in the midst of this television practice, Alicia Machado was interrupted several times by her partner Vanessa Claudio.

Criticism in social networks

The shameful situation was seen to the extent that Internet users criticized him on the social network, as his driving ended after his partner Alicia Machado refused to speak.

Small organization so that everyone could talk about the beauty pageant, because On more than one occasion, Vanessa Claudio took the floor from Alicia Machado.

I did not let him comment

It was also noted that although Alicia Machado wanted to express an opinion, she could not because her partner – who leads Suelata La Sopa – would not allow her.

Hard scolding?

Finally, different andOutbors and entertainment journalists assured that the producer of the program strongly slammed Vanessa Claudio To steal the word from your partner.

And that even Around the end of the broadcast, Vanessa Claudio no longer appeared in the frame.

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