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Vanessa Claudio attacks students from ‘The Academy’: “They are very glass”

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The singing reality show ‘The academy’ It has been trending for the last few weeks. due to the multiple incidents that have occurred in production. Limited budget, austere scenery, shortage of teachers, poor leadershipworms in the food and lack of talent on the part of the participants, These are just some of the situations that viewers have pointed out in social networks.

Nevertheless, One aspect that has stolen the spotlight is the constant complaints from academics due to the supposed pressure to which they are exposed, which has led viewers to classify them as weak people, point of view that Vanessa Claudio shares and stated during an interview.

Vanessa Claudio considers the students of ‘The Academy’ to be fragile

According to the driver and modelthe health problems that affected the students and forced the production to interrupt transmissions, they are good as they become a dose of reality. They show the contestants how demanding and complicated a high-performance career like that of artists is, which never stops.

It’s good that this is happening because this is a high-performance race, we know that it doesn’t stop, I see my friends who are singers; they are all the time working,” she noted.

I also assure that this experience will show the contestants the importance of taking care of their health to offer quality presentations on stage.

Before the comments of the reporter Eden Dorantes about the fragility of the participants, the driver replied that considers the students as part of the crystal generation. She recalled that she, together with contemporary members of the medium in the different branches, faced various obstacles that were heavy and complicated.

They are very crystal, yes I think soI remember when I started and I see contemporaries, we are all terrain because we had to do and undo in worse conditions”.

After these statements stated that the phenomenon may be due to the generational gapso he added they should not be judged so harshly.

“Okay, you don’t have to judge them so harshly, they are different times, different growths and I think they will learn little by little”.

Finally, he assured that the teaching behind the incidents within the production is that The show must go on no matter what.


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