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Valentina Zainre, with her first single from Soy Luna to the Elite series and now as a solo singer

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Famous from the age of 13 for his time in the series Almost Angels, The Only Ones, Allies You i am lunaArgentina’s Valentina Zenare is now based in Spain, where she added successes wire girls You the elite, Furthermore, he has the delayed pleasure of finally launching himself as a solo singer and has the same name. zero comma,

The song is a hit with Latin rhythms mixed with urban sounds that tells the story of a woman “who knows what she wants and who she wants,” she explains. And she adds: “I am very happy, excited about this new path and looking forward to moving forward and growing more and more”.

Valentina Zenare in a scene from her video "Serro Coma".

Valentina Zenare in a scene from her video “Serro Coma”.

As such, Valentina joins the illustrious litter of graduates. i am luna Who are successful as singers: Karol Sevilla and Ruggero.

“To be honest – she admits – everything was a little delayed. I’ve been working on this since before the pandemic in 2019. The coronavirus didn’t exist when we started! It was delayed by the series as well (the elite) and I was postponing it. At one point I thought it shouldn’t be postponed anymore and it should be done, so we assembled the team and put together everything we had to do. It was the craziest moment to finish shooting the video clip, because all of a sudden we said it! Everything came out in a week”.

talk to spain

Valentina Zenere was born in Buenos Aires, but moved to Spain for work a few years ago, until she finally settled there. He talked about this important moment in his career over the phone.

-How’s the plan going, are there more singles coming?

-Yes. Obviously the idea is to continue and do another single soon. Not that I can think of a song, I take it out and do one kiss for everyone, because I don’t work that way.

-Are you adding to things over time?

-Yes. That’s also why this entire release was postponed, because I felt it important that the moment it starts, everything has actually happened and I can give it all my attention and energy and focus on acting and singing. Might add, that’s what I’ve always wanted. , So the idea is to take things out and see how it goes. My biggest dream is to do live shows.

Valentina Zenere in her first video clip.

Valentina Zenere in her first video clip.

– For example, do you think about having an album within a year, or are you only going to release singles?

I’d love to have an album or a certain number of singles to do a show. But I am not disappointed. I like to enjoy creative processes. I don’t have it all down the grid and thought, but apparently there is a plan. I don’t like to think about what to do just because I want to, but I want to enjoy every step as much as I can.

Musicians may have annual plans based on releases and tours, but being an actress you have to plan better so things don’t overlap, right?

-accurate. It’s a little more complicated, but suddenly they told you that a shoot was delayed and you can devote more time to music. I’m keeping it together. Now I am not going to shoot till September, so I am calm and happy. I’m also going on holiday in the countryside for a few days tomorrow, to take some rest, but as soon as I get back I’ll be back with everything.

valentina zenere

valentina zenere

based in spain

-do you live there?

I have already lived here. I first arrived for six months, but after spending six pandemic months in Buenos Aires I decided to leave as soon as I was able to travel again, although in Spain I had nothing concrete. I discussed this with my parents and they supported me as always, so I started auditioning like crazy and suddenly it came out the elite, I didn’t have a good time in Argentina in the pandemic.

-Like so many artists, you must have stayed for the first time in so many months. You were stuck without doing anything.

-Of course, having lived alone in Spain, when I was little in my parents’ house, living in that room, I felt trapped. But hey, we knew how to drive it.

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Cover of Valentina Zenere's debut single.

Cover of Valentina Zenere’s debut single.

“I always say that acting – Valentina – is easier because I have to play someone else, which often has nothing to do with you. On the other hand, in singing I feel that every artist has a character, and that It was a bit difficult for me as I didn’t know where to start. I went to the studio, I tried many things and I wanted the first song to be for dance and take my energy up, with what happened zero comma”,

– How did the lyrics of the song come about?

When making a song, I always saw it as a group of empowered women, together, joining forces and talking to one man. Then I started twisting the ends and visualizing the video.

Soy Luna Cast: Michael Ronda, Valentina Zainre, Agustín Bernasconi, Lionel Ferro, Carolina Kopelioff, Katja Martinez, Gaston Vieto, Chiara Parravicini, Malena Ratner, Ana Jara, Jorge Lopez and Ruggero Pascarelli.

Soy Luna Cast: Michael Ronda, Valentina Zainre, Agustín Bernasconi, Lionel Ferro, Carolina Kopelioff, Katja Martinez, Gaston Vieto, Chiara Parravicini, Malena Ratner, Ana Jara, Jorge Lopez and Ruggero Pascarelli.

– How did you see the career of your former colleagues; How do you see their race?

Well, it’s great to watch your friends grow up. We have lived many things together, and although we are not talking every day, when they release a song we do communicate. I see Ruggero in a great moment and it shows in his eyes too and makes me happy. In i am luna We talked about the things we want to do, like mine, and now those dreams are being achieved. When I see successful colleagues, it encourages me to move on.

—And what do you think of the careers of other actors from both Lali and Trap Girls?

-Argentinas are full! The most successful thing in the world today is Argentina. Lali seems like a beast to me, a genius who combines acting and singing very well. I told Tini that all the racecourses she did were crazy. I love all of them and I admire them.

He signed on for the fourth season of Elite.

He signed on for the fourth season of Elite.

– What’s coming in action?

– I can’t tell you, you saw how it is in the performance, they muzzled you. (laughs) Season 6 now the elite And that would be great. it is a bit reboot And I hope people get it well. And the next thing I’ve been dying to do is movies, I’m really looking forward to it!


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