Home Entertainment Ursula Corbero arrives in Hollywood with ‘Snake Eyes’

Ursula Corbero arrives in Hollywood with ‘Snake Eyes’

Ursula Corbero arrives in Hollywood with 'Snake Eyes'

LOS ANGELES (EFE).- After stunning the world with the thrilling robberies of “La Casa de Papel”, Ursula Corbero debuted in Hollywood with “Snake Eyes”, a production of the “GI Joe” saga, With which the Spanish shocking results. The rise of his career in recent years.

“I am quite an enemy of false modesty. Therefore, I am proud of myself,” she said in an interview.

“I think it’s very healthy to be proud of myself, although I think sometimes it’s not so good to say it openly. But I think I’ve worked hard to achieve what I want. He has worked hard, which is to be able to dedicate himself to his business”, he said.

Before saying goodbye to “La Casa de Papel” later this year, Ursula Corbero (Barcelona, ​​1989) performed “Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins”, a film directed by Robert Schwentke (“Snake Eyes”) in the United States on Friday. : GI Joe Origins”). RED”, 2010) relaunched the action saga “GI Joe” with the character of Snake Eyes as the protagonist.

In 2021, he made his Hollywood debut and also said goodbye to ‘La Casa de Papel’. Do you think this is a phase change in your trajectory?

It’s funny because I felt the change of cycle especially the day we finished filming “La Casa de Papel”. It’s been a long journey. Look what I’m saying: I think the phase shift has more to do with the end of “La Casa de Papel” than my debut in American industry.

Why did you decide that “GI Joe” was the ideal project to land in Hollywood?

It’s really funny because when they handed me the script and they offered me the character of The Baroness, the truth is I wasn’t very familiar with the “GI Joe” universe. And I think it worked in my favor: I was completely free of pressure.

He recently remarked that there is something “liberating” about bringing a bad character to life.

Everything is very liberating because when you are playing the villain there are no rules, no rules. anything goes. This woman has a good time even when she is in the most extreme situations, when she has to make important decisions. She doesn’t care: she never loses her sense of humour, she always enjoys herself.

A little more than ten years ago he appeared in “Physics or Chemistry”, now in 2021 he is in Hollywood. How do you feel when you look back?

I’m not going to deny it: Ten years ago I could imagine myself at this point. Is what I said a little strong? More than ambition, he believed he could achieve it.

Henry Goulding, who won with “Crazy Rich Asians” (2018), leads the film “Snake Eyes”, which tells of the debut of Snake Eyes featuring Samara Weaving, Andrew Cozy and an ularsula Corberó who Wicked, clever and gets into the skin of. The ruthlessly awkward Baroness.